Feedback on Beta Xinja Bank Account Roadmap

:rocket:Hi Xinjas - our beta bank accounts roadmap🛣️is here - on Trello!

As we’re in beta, it’s live so we’re going to be continually update it. :paintbrush:

Let us know what you think in comments or on the forum :speech_balloon:

What’s missing? What would you like to see in future releases? :crystal_ball:

nb: this roadmap is subject to receiving our full banking licence (ADI) :bank:

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Hey @T_Armer,
Nice to hear from you. Taking those in turn :roller_coaster:

Releases will be a matter of weeks. :biking_man::biking_woman:

No we haven’t launched bank accounts yet. We have to have our full banking license (ADI) to launch them. Yes we are releasing to lucky employees first for testing first.

Stashes :honey_pot: will be a key feature although there are many features we’re excited to show you

Any other questions, let us know.

Thanks for your continued support - we’re glad you’re on board the Xinja train with us. :bullettrain_side:


Can I just say this is both a) super exciting and b) super awesomely transparent.

It’s what I hoped Xinja would be.

Unafraid of competitors, open with it’s investors and customers, and hard charging.

Hats off team. :heart_eyes:


Thanks for the kind words & encouragement @weeksy_j :raised_hands:

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Looking forward to ditching Big 4!

Just wondering if API access for apps like Pocketbook or Mint has been considered on the roadmap?


Awesome work guys!
Will certainly be emailing soon to sign up for an account!


Hey @lylegowers,
:+1:Welcome to the forum - with a great question ! :face_with_monocle:

Once we open our APIs, these integrations will become possible. We haven’t put this on the roadmap :railway_track: yet as we’re not sure when, but it will be added. We haven’t decided on specific integrations as yet but we’ll add those to the roadmap too as we do.

Any other questions, let us know :speech_balloon:


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Love the transparency.

To be honest, it is a little difficult to visualise what this all means.

Feels like most of this is BAU type stuff that all the Big 4 currently offer.

I’m most interested in the tools that will help people manage their money better and potentially be a reason for people to switch to Xinja as their primary bank.


As someone who has worked in this industry previously, I understand why you would classify this as beta. However, given you’re providing this update to investors and current users, it’s very confusing to classify a non-public release as beta. Any chance you guys can classify this as alpha or something else for clarity?

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Hey @lilmeh
:+1:Nice to hear from you & thanks for your views on beta vs alpha! A big bang :boom:release of everything all at once carries an amount of technology and implementation risk. So we made the call to go conservative, start off small and start to iterate and develop rapidly from there.

It’s worth noting the very successful Monzo over in the UK stayed in beta for a long time, whilst they brought a number features on. It’s also common practice for tech/software companies to always be in beta. At Xinja, we’re not finished, and will always be iterating, adding new features as we go. We have made the decision to get a bank account release in-market quickly, garner feedback & continually improve our product with our customers & build on it as we go. Therefore the bank account is in beta & will be in beta for a while. For these reasons, we will not be classifying the bank account as alpha.

Let us know if you have any other feedback or questions,

Hey @Azzy

I’m Otara the new content and community manager :slight_smile: Nice to meet you.

A big bang release of everything all at once carries an amount of technology and implementation risk. So we made the call to go conservative, start off small and start to iterate and develop rapidly from there.

This roadmap is over a fairly short time frame and releases will be a matter of weeks. We will be building in some cool features that nudge you toward better financial decisions. We haven’t put these on the roadmap yet as we’re still working through what these are. Do keep an eye on the roadmap as it’s a live roadmap & we will be adding features as we go.

In the meantime, if you have any specific ideas on what would help you make more out of your money, we’d love to hear them.


Hi guys, like I said previously, I understand how you guys classified it and the reasons behind it.
However, from a customer’s point of view, it’s not a public beta release until it’s actually released to a subset of the public/your customers (where from a customer’s point of view, your internal employees are not). Hope this makes a bit more sense.