Feedback on today's update

Another update this morning that hasn’t addressed two known issues. They are both simple fixes so I’m really not sure why they’ve been missed yet again.

  1. You still can’t add new payees without actually sending them money. It would be much easier if users can pre-populate all of their regular payees (like pretty much any other bank app allows). Raised this weeks ago.

  2. Still can’t remove an expired top up card. Not an issue, but really, how hard can it be to fix that?


Not sure which bank you’re with, but Up, 86 400, and ANZ, do not allow you to add a payee without transferring money. St. George/Westpac and Commonwealth were the same, but not sure if it’s changed.
It’s very common. May even be a requirement.
I’d rather see work done on recurring payments first.

Never banked with the bigger banks.

I’m with BankVic and Qudos. Both allowed you to add accounts to your payers… Made it really easy when I moved my banking from one to the other…just copied them all across.

Hi @brett - many things are not hard but it’s a matter of prioritisation and what we do first. So, we went thru all the customer feedback from Xinjarati, product roadmap, social and here, looked at feasibility of each item, and prioritised them. Some things take a long time so whilst they might be underway, they’re not going to appear in priority order. Some things - whilst lower priority - are small things we can slip in along the way. We have finite resource so we can’t do everything at once. So removing a expired top up card lost out to some other fixes that were more urgent. We hear you. You are really dissatisfied that there are a whole heap of details or features in this beta version that aren’t there yet. I’m wondering if you should take a break from Xinja and try it out again in a few months if you want to when you’re likely to find it less frustrating?


Hi @CaptainXinja… your message feels like you’re breaking up with me :joy: :joy:

I wouldn’t say I’m completely frustrated.

One of the great things about Xinja is the opportunity to join in on “building a bank together, so it will be what you want”. That being said, I chose to invest some :moneybag: :moneybag: and some time (both at meetups and here) to try and steer the product in the direction that makes it a viable solution for my day to day banking, and that of many others. So yes, I’ve been vocal on a couple of things - but my intentions are always good. I just want Xinja to be the best it can be! I guess sometimes its easy to forget that you and the team are the ones putting in the hard yards, so apologies if I’ve offended.

So in answer to your question - while I’m not transacting out of Xinja any longer and I’ve removed all funds, that doesn’t mean I’m taking a break.There’s just no benefit to use it presently. I’ll still watch on and make suggestions and hopefully it’ll be in a usable state soon :ninja_emojis_blue_02:

In the meantime, my advice regarding my original post would be to try and roll out completed functionality rather than rushing through half finished features. For example - I’m not sure why removing an expired card was left out of the original requirements when that feature was coded. It seems like an oversight which you’re now struggling to prioritise a fix for.

Anyway, speak soon.

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Hi @brett - no offence taken :_ninja_emojis_lblue_01: . We do deliberately put MVPs out of features and update them so we can do more rather than finishing off everything completely to begin with. We certainly didn’t forget that people’s cards expire and they’ll want to remove them - and it was in the requirements! However, we considered how many people that would happen to in a time period and decided to prioritise some other dev work over adding that in as it doesn’t prevent people from using anything as they can add another card. It wasn’t an oversight, we will deliver it, it’s on the list, but it is lower priority than some other features or fixes that provide more benefit.

I have been really impressed with Xinja…there is always an easter egg waiting to be found. Really looking forward the Stash savings account and any benefits to growing and saving money.

My only problem is, and I can live with it, is I have to find a way to get physical ‘cash’ into Xinja (I won our team’s footy sweeps this year and have cash sitting around lol). I’m not sure if you therefore need a traditional bank to deposit funds before depositing it into Xinnja.

@Trevor_S there are discussions around cash deposits via Bank@Post on other posts. It’s not planned right now, but the more people that talk about needing it the better chance it may happen down the track.

You are correct though, right now (and perhaps forever) you’ll need to maintain an account with another bank, deposit the cash into that and then transfer it to Xinja.

Glad to hear you’re impressed! :slight_smile:

As @brett mentioned (thanks for helping, brett!), you’ll need to deposit your cash elsewhere then transfer to your Xinja account. Use either bank transfer or instant top up.

Looks like ai can’t delete a saved debit card from the instant top up page?

Hi @XinjaPat - not yet - it’s in the pipeline - you can always add another one and we’ll be adding delete soon. Just decided to give a couple of other things priority that were more used.

Turns out I can’t even top up. Not sure if adding 2 cards causes a defect but I am unable to top up now.

Can you please look into this?cheers

Hi there - that shouldn’t be a problem - have just retested it myself (adding another card). Obvious questions are that you used an Australian debit card (prepaid, credit and international cards don’t work), that there were sufficient funds on it and you did select that one not the expired one? If yes to all of that, then that is odd. I’ll let them know this is an issue but can you contact the Xinjarati tomorrow on 1800 946527 or DM me here with your email address and I’ll get them to call you?

Just tried it again. Added card again and tried. It failed again. Not sure if it’s at my bank verification level or Xinja as my bank requires me to do an auth.

But my card is pretty much out of action now unless I do a bamk transfer and wait 3 days :frowning:

Hey @XinjaPat I’m really sorry about what’s been happening with Instant Top Up for you =( It’s an issue the team is aware of and is working on resolving.

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Any updates? Card still useless as I cant quickly transfer

Hi @XinjaPat The Payment Gateway Provider we use for Top Ups is having issues with the 3DS security mechanism your selected top up debit card uses. We’ve escalated this with our provider and we’re working to get a fix out as soon as we can.

3DS is the security mechanism used by most cards as an extra layer of security to protect against fraud. Different banks have different 3DS mechanisms so that’s an added level of complexity to work through.

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Thanks. Is there any overdrafting charges? I think my balancr may go into negative if we can not top up asap.


@XinjaPat just do an EFT transfer to your Xinja account in the meantime. Everytime I’ve done an EFT transfer it goes through the same day anyway. That will save your account going into the negative.


Thanks mate. My bank has Osko but still takes next day to 2 days to arrive. I wonder if the bank used makes a difference.