First impressions

I’ve done a couple of test transfers to my Stash, and noticed that I can’t view the amount of the first transaction, because it is hidden under the “Transfer” icon :cry:, and I can’t scroll up or down.

Good eye @Arose62! A work around for the interim is to click on that transaction and you should see the amount along with other details such as time the transfer went through

Hiya @Arose62 ,
Thanks for catching that one, could you let us know what device you’re running and I’ll pass in on to our tech geniuses? Hopefuly Karvy’s solution works for you as an interim fix but we’ll have it resolved in an upcoming update :crossed_fingers:

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Are you on Android? Might be a bug there. On iOS, you can still scroll it up or down out of the way and see the last transaction.

On a Pixel 3 XL, Android 10.

I can tap the transaction to see the info, but it would be nice to scroll, or move the Transfer icon.



Ok. That’s how it does work in iOS (you can scroll) so it must be a bug on the Android side of things.

That transfer icon is terribly designed. I can see the point of it, but it literally covers something on most screens in the app.

Hopefully the new UX designers being hired can sort some of the usability issues.

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