Fitbit Pay & Garmin Pay

Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay don’t rate a mention on your Trello board. Do you intend on releasing this?

Considering that UP, 86400, UBank, Macquarie and the Big 4 (Commbank, NAB, Westpac and ANZ) support this, are you going to reconsider?

From what I understand you need to contact local Visa and/or Mastercard representative to begin the setup process (according to the Garmin Pay website anyway).

Fitbit Pay:

Garmin Pay


No updates on Fitbit or Garmin pay?

Hey @Sharkata - sorry on non-existence on this thread :pensive: This will be one for the future, though not on our current roadmap. We’re juggling a heap on our roadmap, bare with us. I’ll feed it back to the team and if there is a demand it, it might creep into our roadmap as we’re constantly reassessing the priorities.

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And also SamsungPay !

@TommyW we’ll add it to the list!