Focus of Xinja should not be app


I recently heard from some people that one of Xinja’s core focus is to sell their mobile app to other customers. This is not a good idea because of the integration issues with different banking systems.
Instead Xinja should focus on getting full banking license similar to Volt that recently acquired a full banking license.



Hi Murali!

Thanks for reaching out. Just to confirm, our focus is very much on doing all we need to complete our application and create systems and processes in order to be approved for a full licence. We do need to develop our app further as this is how we deliver a bank account service to a customer, so this is part of the same process of building our bank. We need to connect the app to our core banking system to bring the bank account product to market so will be developing it in that regard, however the core banking functions and related systems and processes are the foundation. Hope that clarifies! :slightly_smiling_face: