Full merchant names

Hi there,

I have a suggestion for the Xinja app.

I’ve noticed that a number of merchant’s names are longer than what can be displayed.

When you click on the individual transaction, the merchant’s name is no longer visible. This means that part of the name is cut off permanently.

It would be great if merchant’s names could also be displayed on the individual transactions page. This would be really helpful when you don’t quite know who they are.

Thank you,


Just as a random note on this, a screen scraper (like AutoInput as part of Tasker on Android) can pull the full name even though it’s truncated here :smile:

Hiya and welcome to our Xinja Community @ShaneBecu :tada:

Expanding the information shown on the transaction list can get a bit messy but could work in the individual transaction details - I’ll pass it on to magic Dev gang :dizzy:

Sounds great. Thank you.