Gender financial gap: how do we get to parity faster, together?


Hi guys, gals & everything wonderful in between!

We’ve had threads on this topic before, so as we approach International Women’s Day we wanted to get your ideas of how to resolve the gender financial gap?

This year’s theme is #BalanceforBetter, calling on ALL of us to help drive gender balance

So xinjas, of all kinds, how do we get to parity on the financial divide, faster TOGETHER?

In numbers

  • Australian men still earn 21% more than women - and up to 30% more in finance
  • The average woman loses $160k in super taking parental leave
  • Women retiring this year will only retire with 57.3% ($177k) of the male average ($309k)


Do you have the gender split on income based on role types? ie: 65%/35% M/F split on Senior Mgr Role with M earning avg xyz and W earning avg xyz.


Hey @Adam, check out slide 7 / page 5 of this report for the breakdowns.