Get Stashing! 💰 With a 2.25% interest rate


Juicy deets:

  • 2.25% interest earned on balances up to $245,000
  • No :clap: strings :clap:attached!:clap: :arrow_right: No min. balance, no min. deposits, none of that BS
  • Check out our updated Terms and Conditions
  • Coming very soon: Round-ups to help you save loose change

How to get Stashing

  • Open your app (don’t forget to update) and you’ll see a ‘Get Stashing’ widget
  • Hit ‘Learn more’ then ‘Open Stash’
  • Enter your Tax File Number (TFN) and you’re done! Easy as :+1: Don’t have your TFN handy? No worries, just skip for now
  • Get Stashing by transferring from your Xinja Bank Account instantly

Go on. Stuff your Stash


Hi Xinjas,

Welcome to a new way of saving with Stash.

Per above, it’s a bloody good product. There’s no ifs or buts, no strings or confusing stuff, just a great ongoing rate.

As always, we want to get our new stuff into your hands ASAP, so there’s one unfinished thing I want to draw your attention to…

In order to disable direct debits from the Stash account, it actually requires additional configuration and dev time.

We plan to stop direct debits from the Stash account in the next few weeks however we wanted to get Stash out to you so decided not to wait until it’s switched off.

There are two main reasons we don’t want to leave direct debits enabled:

  1. Stash is designed to help you save and make more out of your money. We want to help people develop great savings habits with Stash… so, money in = easy, money out = a little harder, in that you have to transfer it, (instantly!) to your transaction account.

Testing showed that the small extra step gave us as users a tiny moment of mindfulness :bulb: and a chance to rethink spending our savings - or at least really own that we’re doing it.

  1. The reason Xinja, and indeed all banks, offer savings accounts, paying you for your money by way of an appealing interest rate, is because we use that money to lend out. If a bank was to offer these big interest rates on accounts where your money zoomed out through tap and go, direct debits, Apple Pay etc, the bank couldn’t use the money and would lose a big chunk of cash.

So you win by getting a great savings account with a great rate and we win because your money stays in the Stash, letting us lend it out at a slightly higher rate and make a bit of a profit (hopefully!). It’s why term deposits that tie up your money for even longer, usually have a better interest rate than a savings account (although maybe not better than ours :wink:).

Our updated T&Cs say direct debits aren’t available from Stash as we intend to disable this functionality shortly. We won’t be providing any warning when we do, so please don’t set them up.

TL;DR Please set up any direct debits to come from your transaction account, as they wont work from the Stash account in a few weeks time.:pray:

The Xinja Fam have tested the hell out of Stash so now it’s over to you. We’d really appreciate your feedback. If you spot bugs send the Xinjarati a message in the app and tell us what you think here.




Looks awesome! Thanks heaps guys!

I’m happy with not having direct debits for exactly the reasons provided :grin:


What’s the daily withdrawn limit? Can I just cancel the stash account anytime and transfer all money out once to the linked external bank account?

Thanks Eric @XinjaMaker

For me, not being able to transact from my savings will be an inconvenience… And will probably mean I can’t use Xinja going forward.

I understand all of your reasons, but can’t help but think you may need to look at a second savings account product with a lower interest rate but all of the flexibility of direct debits and BPay.

With my current bank I use that savings account as an in-between… It’s where all of my money for bills and other expenses goes so that it’s put away and not sitting in my transaction account where it’ll get spent.

All of my actual savings live in the redraw facility of my mortgage. I end up saving more on saved interest than I’d make from a high interest savings account by doing that. It’s just good financial sense.



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Hey @lingfei Between Stash and Bank account, you can transfer up to your full available balance. For Pay Anyone (external/transfer out of Xinja), the daily limit is $20,000.

You can double check our Terms & Conditions :slight_smile:

Hey Xinjas :wave:

We’re aware of a Stash problem with the Android app: some people aren’t seeing the Stash tile appear underneath their Bank Account on the home screen. If you’ve updated your app, it should show up in roughly an hour. We’re working on fixing this as it should just appear. :hammer_and_wrench:

In the meantime, if you don’t want to wait, uninstalling and reinstalling will force Stash to appear.

We’re very sorry about the confusion :slightly_frowning_face: We’re smoothing things out as fast as we can.

Music to my ears! Well done team, already awaiting $$$ to hit the account from an OFI savings account!

Edit: really loving the animation when you stash!


Awesome! LOVE <3 the high interest rate with none of the transfer this, minimum that. Goodbye UBank, Hello Xinja Stash Account.

Keep it up team, excited to see new features and products over the coming months!


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This is going to be great! Thanks.
One question… Can I put money straight into Stash from a non-Xinja bank account (via BSB / Acct) or do I have to transfer it to my Xinja account first?


Nevermind… I just found it in the FAQs…

If anyone cares, the answer is yes :slight_smile:


I’m excited to open my stash. Another step closer to being able to move my banking over


Good news everybody!

Our team has released an Android version that has fixed the “Stash not appearing” issue! :blush:


Looks good, one step closer to switching my banks. Just need the app to mature a bit more first

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Welcome to the community @AdrianS! And yes, you’re right about paying into Stash via BSB and Acct. Number :joy: Thanks for sharing the FAQ link with everyone! :ninja_emojis_pink_01:

Btw, thanks @propoke24 @Jax @8rett @n1shell @nickelslol!! Great to hear you guys are enjoying Stash :heart_eyes:

Of course, there’s more to add from here but we’re working towards it. Thanks for your support :ninja_emojis_blue_02:


What notice will be by given by Xinja when the rate offered is lowered or tiered with different interest thresholds?
Does Xinja subscribe to the BECS payments protocol?

Awesome work Xinja! :wink:

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Hi Nil :slight_smile:

If we change the way interest is calculated or the structure of the interest (ie tiering balances), then we give 30 day notice to all of our customers as per our T&Cs. For any rate changes, we are only required to give one day notice at minimum as our interest rates are variable but obviously we will provide as much notice as we can to our customers :grin: we are here to help customers make more out of their money. And yes, we follow the BECS protocols. All banks that participate in the DE money transfers are required to adhere to the protocol! Hope this helps :slight_smile:


@xinjamaker I do not understand your reasoning for not allowing direct debits from savings accounts. I can see where the two reasons you gave would apply to ad hoc EFTPOS payments from savings accounts; you don’t want savings to be spent willy-nilly on random purchases.

However, direct debits for scheduled or recurring (and sometimes variable) expenses such as rent or mortgages, utility bills, insurance payments, etc., are completely different. Clients are not going to use a “tiny moment of mindfulness” and then decide not to make such payments - they would soon destroy their credit rating if they did. Further, the bank is not disadvantaged by allow such payments, because they have to be paid. Whether the payment is made directly and conveniently by direct debit from the savings account, or by manually transferring the money to a transaction account where a similar direct debit has been arranged, this money will definitely be removed from the savings account. Forcing the client to transfer funds to their transaction account runs the small risk that for some reason (e.g. sickness, forgetfulness, internet connection problems, etc.) the client is unable to manually transfer funds from their savings account to their transaction account, then the direct debit will not be able to be paid, possibly causing punishment and embarassment to the client.

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