Get to know the Xinja Team

This week, in #SecretLivesOfXinjas we profiled our incredible Mobile Engineering Lead, Sourabh Pareek :iphone:

You can learn about who he is, what he does at Xinja and what how he got the name @designiotaxinja (plus a bunch more) here :beers:

Want to know the Xinja Team better? We’ve got a bunch of interviews on the blog including our recent chat with @PixelXinja!

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Would be keen to see if Sourahb has a collecton of whisky to show off, or if he just enjoys the occasional drink here or there :partying_face:

Ha I will have to find out, although I’m guessing after a month of #IsoLife any collection might be a bit depleted!

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Okay @Jax! Straight from the #DesignIotaXinja himself, and in record response time :tumbler_glass: :tumbler_glass: :tumbler_glass: :tumbler_glass: :tumbler_glass:

"I currently have:

3 Indian whiskies - Paul John, Amrul and Rampur
4 Scotch - Glenfarclas, Craigeleachie, Auchentoshen, and my fav Ardbeg
2 Japanese - Hakushu and Akashi
2 Rye American Whisky - Old Forrester and Blantons

This is not including Spirits and Rum - I do have 3 nice rum bottles as well, but they are not my usual drink"

And in case you needed evidence :arrow_down:


Ooh yay. Thanks for finding out aha! You’re right on supplies running out.

I’d be keen to try some indian whiskies one day.

I like the decanter too!

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