Getting smart with money!


What books have increased your financial literacy the most concerning your own finance or any an oh shit moments that have dramatically changed your spending behaviour

p.s. Extra points for Australian market specific books excluding the barefoot investor!


@CaptainXinja @SportyXinja are there any books on financial literacy you can recommend?

Personally, I’ve just finished the Art of Frugal Hedonism; lent to me by @goldenxinja. I must say I’m a big fan of diverting your desire for excess into other, more creative avenues.

In terms of an oh-shit moment, I can’t say I’ve had one of those for my finances yet, but reading Monzo’s blog recently has made me realise that the great majority of the world is struggling to manage their finances, so I’ve learned to be less hard on myself :slight_smile: I’ve read the barefoot investor (or listened to it rather) and while I love some of the concepts, I’m didn’t really buy into it!


Yes! @SocialXinja & @Takhar :money_mouth_face::nerd_face: I love reading books on finances especially ones written by Aussies. #nerdalert

‘More Money for Shoes’ by Melissa Browne
‘Fabulous but Broke’ by Melissa Browne
‘How to unf*ck your finances’ by Melissa Browne
‘Kitchen Table Economics and Investing’ by Lillicrap Damian
‘Making Money’ by Paul Clithero (NB: This is a little old now - 1995)
‘Get Rich Slow’ by Sarah Reigelhuth
‘How to achieve Property Success’ by Margaret Lomas


Thank you so much, was really looking for more Australian relevant books!

Thought I might throw mine out but they are more US based but still hold relevant principles!

“I will teach you to be rich” By Ramit Sethi
“The richest man in Babylon” by George Samuel Clason
“What I learned losing a million dollar “by Jim Paul and Brendan Moynihan
“The Millionaire Next Door” by Thomas J Stanley
“The Smartest investment book you’ll ever read" by Daniel R Solin
“Money master the game” Tony Robbins
“Zero to one” Peter Thiel


Thanks Social Xinja, I will most defiantly pick up the Art of Frugal hedonism, as I would love to know more about diverting your desire for excess


Ahhhh the ‘Richest Man in Babylon’ such a classic! :ok_hand:

All my suggestions are Australian authors. Let me know how you enjoy them!


If you aren’t religious / can get past the southern Baptist Christian feel (though it’s insight can be interesting…) then definitely Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey.

If you need a warm up into it, and for some interesting listening into the plight of American finances definitely check out The Dave Ramsey Show podcast on iTunes or anywhere you get your podcasts.


Weeksy I’ll be honest man I didn’t take you for a southern style baptist :joy: Dave Ramsey is a cool guy though! I quoted his 7 baby steps in a recent frugal blog, should be up in a few weeks! (got a bit of a backlog cranking). Had no idea he had a podcast; any specific eps?


Hahahahahaha, and I ain’t though it is fun to channel my inner hillbilly sometimes.

Do yourself a favour though go to this YouTube video: (you’ll love it ~ also just unbelievable)

It’s some of his best rants from callers just doing insane stuff with their money…