Glow in the dark card!

Did you know our card glows in the dark? All you need to do is hold it under a light for a bit then go into a dark room and watch it shine! We’re so excited we made a video about it!

We can think of lots of great uses for a glow in the dark card - finding your car keys at the bottom of your bag, attracting attention at a nightclub bar, guiding your way to bathroom in the middle of the night without having to turn the light on*. What are you going to use yours for?

(*this might not work)


The nightclub thing just makes this another talking point, great marketing!

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Hi! Late to the party, but does this still work on current Xinja Cards?

@xen no it doesn’t. This was one of those gimmicky ideas that seemed good but in reality was terrible. The glow in the dark coating got filthy within a few days of use.

End result, filthy card that didn’t glow.


Hey @xen - welcome to the community! :wave:

Like Brett said, while these glow dark cards were cool we did find they got quite dirty! Instead our new Bank Account Debit MasterCards are a different design - bright pink with a vertical layout - we think they’re pretty awesome too!

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