Golden rule number 9

I was telling a friend about your golden rules today which prompted me to have another look at them.

Golden rule 9. About 50% of board, exec, team will be women or we are not hiring the best people.

Looking at the board and exec listed on your website ?

Xinja Board - only 16% or 1 director (chair) out of 6 board members/advisers is female

Xinja Exec - only 37% of exec are female

Interested to know what you are doing to address this imbalance given golden rule number 9. ?

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Hi @Hello actually Van is also on the board so that makes it 25% (one of which is Chair) and arguably 33% of members (but only 25% if you include advisors but I’m splitting hairs…)and we’re late adding our new CRO Charlotte Middleton to the website - so that makes us 44% for the exec. So we’re not at 50% but hoping to reach it on the board in the not too distant future - and we’re pretty close on the exec.


Good point on Van :+1: and wasn’t Eric also on the board ?

Out of curiosity what role does a Executive Director ( Van ) play in the the business as opposed to in the board ?

Charlotte’s appointment sounds like progress too ( and a solid background see LinkedIn).

While you are tidying up the website suggest you also Looked at Xinja’s LinkedIn profile that seems to overstate capital by a very large margin.

Hi @Hello - thanks for that! I’m just actually updating that in Crunchbase which is what Linked in pulls in. It’s crowdsourced so for some reason someone not from Xinja has gone and filled it in! As to ED vs NED, an ED has management responsibilities (an employee who works in the business) whereas an NED does not. They both have the same responsibilities at board level however.

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