Guess the "Secret Sexy Squirrel 1"

The things we know so far:

  • It’s secret
  • It’s sexy
  • It may or may not have anything to do with actual squirrels
  • It will be launched by the end of June

Now, we are all up to date!

Guess away…




Some sort of new product that actually helps people manage their money/save better is my guess.

Or could be some BNPL derivative…hoping not though.

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I’m going to guess something that’s secret, though not so secret at all.

Though I actually think it’s not so likely, what if it was a complete interface redesign with all the unsexy things that are due next quarter - notifications, logos, categories, more support channels, etc.

Alone, not sexy. Perhaps all together, they are.

Alternatively, it’s some sort of new or alternative account usage something.

Also, I actually have no idea.

cold :_ninja_emojis_lblue_01:

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@yogi not even close!

See… I was right!

I knew it wasn’t.

Totally for sure.

How about a hint? Is it revenue generating?

Okay, okay @Azzy , I’ll give you some hints.
hint 1 - it’s very attractive
hint 2 - it’s family members include chipmunks, marmots and prairie dogs.

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lol @xinja_blair

So… it’s 1. sexy and 2. a squirrel?

Does this put us right back to where we started?



It’s right in front of our faces the whole time.

“(verb) squirrel - hide money or something of value in a safe place.”

Some sort of… Stash related, savings goals something something. Also could have something to do with family / linked accounts.

Friends and family referral program or individual user in app AI?

Wait, are you saying you don’t want an actual squirrel @yogi?

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@xinja_blair I must say, I am more of a meerkat kinda person. Not sure if that is in the squirrel family. If Xinja is doing plush animals, I’ll send you my address.

Also, I do have a soft spot for that show.


Oh my goodness I love plushies too! Add me to that list if it exists. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Lowering your interest rate


If so, would seem strange that it has taken them this long to integrate with a third party product/platform.

Sounds like someone got the right answer… comment has since been removed.

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I saw that post, it contained a word, and after some poking around, it seems like that might be it.

However if the post was deleted because it was a Xinja insider spilling the beans, I’ll respect that and keep things to myself, as it wasn’t a fair guess, which is the point of this thread. :wink:


Xinja Scratchies!!!

So excited.

Ok, that’s probably not it, but very much looking forward to the interpretation of whatever the thing is. I understand it’s not too far away.

Did I tell you I finally got a new phone and signed up for my account? Finally! That is kinda exciting. Had some mysterious issue with part of the sign up process, but customer service was super helpful and worked some magic and fixed it all up. Haven’t used my account yet but looking forward to doing so soon.

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You have to really question this forum when Xinja are happy to create excitement around secret squirrel, encourage people to guess, respond to guesses etc but when some one gets it right they delete it. I did some hunting around and it sounds like Xinja _ _ _ _ _ _ is correct. It make you wonder how much is deleted from here ?

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