Guess the "Secret Sexy Squirrel 1"

The things we know so far:

  • It’s secret
  • It’s sexy
  • It may or may not have anything to do with actual squirrels
  • It will be launched by the end of June

Now, we are all up to date!

Guess away…

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Some sort of new product that actually helps people manage their money/save better is my guess.

Or could be some BNPL derivative…hoping not though.

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I’m going to guess something that’s secret, though not so secret at all.

Though I actually think it’s not so likely, what if it was a complete interface redesign with all the unsexy things that are due next quarter - notifications, logos, categories, more support channels, etc.

Alone, not sexy. Perhaps all together, they are.

Alternatively, it’s some sort of new or alternative account usage something.

Also, I actually have no idea.

cold :_ninja_emojis_lblue_01:

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@yogi not even close!

See… I was right!

I knew it wasn’t.

Totally for sure.

How about a hint? Is it revenue generating?

Okay, okay @Azzy , I’ll give you some hints.
hint 1 - it’s very attractive
hint 2 - it’s family members include chipmunks, marmots and prairie dogs.

lol @xinja_blair

So… it’s 1. sexy and 2. a squirrel?

Does this put us right back to where we started?



It’s right in front of our faces the whole time.

“(verb) squirrel - hide money or something of value in a safe place.”

Some sort of… Stash related, savings goals something something. Also could have something to do with family / linked accounts.

Friends and family referral program or individual user in app AI?

Wait, are you saying you don’t want an actual squirrel @yogi?

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@xinja_blair I must say, I am more of a meerkat kinda person. Not sure if that is in the squirrel family. If Xinja is doing plush animals, I’ll send you my address.

Also, I do have a soft spot for that show.

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Oh my goodness I love plushies too! Add me to that list if it exists. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Lowering your interest rate