How do you do Chrissy on a budget


In the next of our series of ‘high life for less’ we’re looking at Christmas :santa::snowman::elf::christmas_tree::gift:

How do you do Christmas on a budget?

What ingenious ways do you save on all those Christmas costs - and still spread the festive spirit?
(presents, food, booze, nights out and bbqs)

We want to hear from you!


One thing to think about for the extended family is that although it’s great to get lots and lots of pressies you might want to do a Kris Kringle (that is aunties/uncles/cousins etc.) that way everyone still gets a pressie and has some fun, but you don’t end up having to buy hundreds of presents - especially as time goes on and family sizes grow :hugs:


:blue_heart: Kris Kringles :+1: @weeksy_j - especially with they have a price limit and you get a distant member of the family - makes the :gift::shopping::shopping_cart: interesting! Thanks for sharing


The biggest expense for me at Christmas is always the grocery bill…! Catering for a family Christmas with lots of hungry brothers gets :money_mouth_face::grimacing:

Last year, to spread out the costs, I bought the alcohol and food that would last (cheeses, biscuits, christmas pudding :speak_no_evil:) ahead of time. And I also sneakily delegated BBQ duties to my older brother… so he took care of all the meat too!


Key here (without naming names) is surely the Dan Murphy’s & Aldi run or similar. I think pooling a list with family to buy all that stuff in bulk is the way.

Has anyone in oz used Costco? I never really knew if that was actually a saver if you don’t eat / buy a lot for a big family and maybe it’s only bulk buying for a few events a year?


I spend all my money on myself so I can’t afford presents for anyone else! LOL. Just kidding… kinda.

Luckily for me, other family members with more income host the Christmas lunches.

I still need to figure out what presents I am getting people. Not long to go, OMG!


It’s coming along fast!

@CaptainXinja wondering if we can have a #SantaXinja hashtag for social media for when you’re buying Xmas pressies for peeps?


Like it - @nanoxinja - make it so! (or make it snow…:wink:)


@weeksy_j @CaptainXinja
Was thinking of xinjabells :santa::carrot::snowman::snowflake: how are your vocals @weeksy_j? Cameo?


Bahahaha, terrible idea. Other option would perhaps be #XinjaElves if you can make a Xinja Emoji with elf ears? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


:elf: & :ninja_emojis_pink_02::no_good_man::no_good_woman: = …?


Well it was just a suggestion! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Costco is a great way for bulk, only need to go every couple of month’s or so. Fantastic on the purse strings in the long-term. :money_mouth_face:


@weeksy_j @Taue @XinjaHustler @heidi_helen thanks for all your ideas - our Christmas blog is live here


Huzzah! Just read it.