How Similar to Monzo?


Hi All,
I’m a raving Monzo user (when in the UK) and am wondering how much leverage Xinja is getting from the Monzo connection, in respect to common software platform, learnings from Monzo etc.
if there are a lot of commonalities, the speed out of the blocks should not be underestimated!!

Card ordered, can’t wait to get logged into the app



Hey @intsol :love_you_gesture: glad to have you onboard the xinja train! Looking forward to see you around the forum :+1::speech_balloon:

Great question. Monzo have been really helpful for us through this beta phase :rocket: We have chats with them when we’re in London and you’ll probably have seen one of their co-founders Jason Bates is on our board.

However, we also talk to other neos too from time to time, locally and globally i.e. we’re speaking to Moven :us: about implementation learnings at the moment!



Looking forward to having a play and feeding back what I find.

Great work and all power to you.

ps. what’s the product you use for this forum? (I’m on the lookout for one for another project)

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Delete. Wrong response.

I’ve used Discourse in a few things (it’s very good) and just got confused as I was looking up something else recently.


Hi @intsol & @yogi - we use :speech_balloon: Discourse & very happy with it. Lots of brands use Discourse. Unsurprisingly, Discourse have an active community on their forum if you have follow up questions, making it easy to adapt and scale!
Good luck with your forum setup! :+1:

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Thanks, so much, I suspected it was discourse. Looks great.

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Hello everyone :grinning: I’m SimonB from Monzo.

Lovely to see what’s happening in Australia :heart:


Oh hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii @simonb welcome :rocket::australia::uk: :koala:nice to have you on here!

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