How you FEEL about money - not just what you think


As one of our Founding Xinjas said ‘banks think money is about maths, but it’s not about maths, it’s about behaviour’ and we’d go further and say it’s about history and culture and relationships mindsets - and emotion. Early on we run some interviews with Founding Xinjas to ask them how they felt and they told us 6 key things - see the blog here. How do you feel? :thinking:


I’m going to be brave and reply to this. Hehe.
Having grown up in the Western suburbs, (not that there’s anything wrong with that! Haha Westy for life!), and having watched the destruction ‘money problems’ caused my family early in my childhood, I feel like I developed a ‘poor’ mindset. I just didn’t believe money was meant for me.
It was only as I got older and pushed myself to explore more of the world, that I saw how different this mindset can be between different people in different areas.
I’ve been empowered in recent years to discover the belief I have in my own ability to generate income… but I’m still so many years behind what I should be.
How do we educate those who need it the most? How do we help people see they can achieve more than what their immediate surroundings suggest?


I think this also ties in with a post I made in the Xinja Lounge Anxious Post.

I don’t deal with debt very well, I just don’t like having it, but I can see the benefits of having money today that I will earn tomorrow.

I also don’t quite know how to apply value to my own time. Working as an engineer I have done some contracting in the past and could never quite accept the amount I was being paid for the little work I was doing for it. I knew I wasn’t being my most efficient and I could see where the business was wasting money, yet they valued my time at that price.


interesting that @two_seven and @XinjaNinja you are both being led by money to the general area of how you value yourselves…which begs all sorts of questions! Money can be so confronting…


It definitely does. This could almost become a Xinja therapy session.

… I kept typing more after the few lines above and found it became just that. To avoid straying off topic I’ll keep those conversations for when I’m sitting on an Australian beach with a beer in my hand talking to a stranger.


I once lived a miserable life allowing money define me, and then I realised it couldn’t, and I started to define it.

I realised that the banks did not let money define them either. Money was their ultimate goal, however it was how they got there that was different to me.

Fees etc was a small part of what they did, I noticed that all they really did other than provide a basic service, was to manipulate money to their own advantage.

So I started to do the same. I have not used cash for the last 15 yrs. I only use credit and I have literally paid mear cents it interest over the entire period.

You may think I’m just using my own money in reality, and you would be partially right, however once upon a time I knew hunger, I always had outstanding bills, and I was always miserable.

In the last 15 yrs I have never gone without anything I really wanted or needed, I have not had one late account, and I’m so much happier.

So I feel money is something that needs to be manipulated with the tools available to make yourself and your family happy :smiley: