How's everyone?

I can’t help but notice the absence (almost) of activities recently.

Should we brace for a big blast coming up? :thinking:

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We are due for (guess the) “Secret Sexy Squirrel 1” in the next few weeks.

From what I have read, things are going to pick up (possibly at pace) from July.

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Hello @yogiand @rc-reg yes! We’re heads down on secret sexy squirrel and personal loans as well! Lots of big kit underway…so sorry for the fact it’s so quiet. We will be updating the roadmap and bringing everyone up to speed when we’ve made a few decisions and caught up with our own tails in the next couple of weeks!

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I still lurk daily, I’m sure I’ve missed a day accidentally (goodbye achievement!), but nothing that draws my attention enough to post.

Hope everyone is well!


Hey @Jax ! :_ninja_emojis_lblue_01:


Can you share any broad indications / general thoughts about the next set of changes to the Roadmap.

I understand things are in a lot of flux at the moment.

You indicated that Secret Squirrel is delayed a little. Does this mean some of the smaller / less sexy things might move up a little?


We’re doing a more detailed update in the next week or so, but basically we are taking a bit of COVID stock. Secret Squirrel will be next quarter and possibly personal lending if it’s commercially and ethically the right thing to do. As to other, smaller things, there will be some uplifts but we are agreeing prioritisation for this at the moment. We’ve got a lean team working flat out to deliver 2 big product infrastructures, so we’re not moving as fast as many would like on the minor bits, but we will get to that! Sorry that’s a bit of a non-answer, but we will update you when we’ve agreed it all internally.

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Pretty reasonable answer for a non-answer!

All good. Take the time you need to do it properly!!

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Hello, Is it possible for people on this forum to change their usernames, and or delete their accounts? - Just Wondering.

Hey @dRuMxmUsIc!

Yes - if you head to your profile settings you should see the option to edit your username, profile image and/or full name.

As with any online profile, an account may also be deleted. At which time any contributions will be removed.

Happy to stand corrected if anyone has further experience with this process!

I checked out my settings, & there is no option to change username or account deletion, but the options to change profile picture & real name are there.

Hi @dRuMxmUsIc - if you’re looking to remove your profile completely please send me a DM and we can go from there :+1:

Thanks for the reply,
I’m not looking to delete my account, I was just asking whether it was possible for people on this forum to change their usernames themselves, or self delete their own accounts if they choose to in the future. I checked my own profile settings and there was no such option for either. That’s why I asked the question just incase I missed something in my settings :slight_smile:

@dRuMxmUsIc no worries :blush:

I’ve done some digging on my end, and can see that as a Community Manager I can edit your username and profile. If you’re ever looking to do so give me a shout!

Happy Friday!

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