Icons of sellers your purchased from


I seen on the Xinja webpage that purchases can be visually represented by the seller icon e.g. $50 at Coles and $25 at Caltex and $5 at Australia post this is an awesome feature as currently no banks can give me clear details on who Superman Holdings PTY LTD is and requires me going through receipts to remember it was a purchase at a book store (example only).

I noticed UP is pushing this feature too. When will Android users get this? As currently all my icons are Xinja ones for debit or a Plus icon for credits.



Hi @XinjaPat Yes, merchant logo and better transaction descriptions are on our roadmap. We’re building our bank accounts at the moment and will be including these features!! Thanks for asking!


Is it also possible to change the + icon for bank transfers to a dollar or note icon? From a user experience point of view that GUI design of a + then lines under it makes me think I can press the + to expand the list.

Not sure if it’s just the way I think or if others have this habit too.


Thanks @XinjaPat I will pass your feedback onto the app team