If sky's the limit - what would you want Xinja to create?

Hey Xinjas!
If sky’s the limit :rocket::stars::zap: what would you want Xinja to create? :comet::full_moon::crystal_ball:Dream big & tell us below :point_down:

If you need them, here’s some ideas from other xinjas to get you started!

We want to hear from all of you! @weeksy_j @two_seven @psychsplash @grum @nordicvalkyrie333 @mmees @Leumas @Xan @heidi_helen @AnJellyCue @wayno @Xinjarebel @mmees @Cavok @broberts41 @anthony @chalkymeteor @Stefan @Taue @GemsRocks @NotAwkward

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I think if you can pack every trick out there and new ones in the bank account and give the customer functionality to add or removed features and functions that would be good. Customization and moving of components on screen would also be a plus, not just predefined look and feel of the app.


:+1:nice one @rkyobe :zap: modular features & customisation! :star_struck:

Hi Nanoxinja,

Another thing that Xinja should look to integrate is , say I am looking for a property and I have placed that as one of my goals advised to Xinja. Once a borrowing capacity calculation has been done and it is known I can borrow X and therefore my purchase price is Y, Xinja can give me parameters to put in which will then notify me of properties that match those parameters i.e. I can afford to buy a property for 1.2Mil I will let you know that I would like to buy a house in a particular postcode 3 bed room 2 bathroom etc. and then Xinja would be able to pull properties from Real Estate or Domain that match those parameters. Property reports can also be provided if requested.

Kind regards

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Hi @RackY thanks for your idea - dynamically connecting to Real Estate / Domain :face_with_monocle::houses: - I’ll pass this your idea onto our home loans team!

How’s this?

  • Integration with Pocketsmith & other providers via Yodlee.

  • Apple/Google Pay - separate from physical card access, like Amex/Monzo/Starling

  • Account balance low notifications

  • Semi-Automatic top up/notification for direct debits - don’t deny my transaction, ask me if I want to top up to fulfil the transaction & succeed. I intentionally keep my “spending” account low to minimise exposure. Sometimes I forget to top it up! IFTTT-style logic

  • Joint accounts

  • Savings accounts

  • REST API. Yep, including pay anyone. 2FA confirm required.

  • 2FA login via yubikey

  • daily/transaction limits

  • disable atm transactions

  • disable/request a card without contactless.

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Thanks for taking the time to list these ideas @chalkymeteor - will pass this onto the design & tech teams! :ninja_emojis_blue_03::_ninja_emojis_lblue_01::_ninja_emojis_lilac_01::ninja_emojis_pink_03:

I’m sure this is already a planned feature, but I’d really like to receive a notification when a direct debit has come out or a deposit has been received. I also agree with what other people have said about being able to customise the notifications.
And just for fun, I think it would be cool to be able to add a picture or emoticon to a particular savings bucket/goal. Not my idea but I think it’s a good one!

Hi @Leumas - we are working through :fireworks: customising notifications at the moment, so this is really good timing. I have passed your feedback to the design team. Keep :bulb: them coming!

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