In App, In Screen Feedback

Would be great to have feedback built into the app itself. So when we’re on a screen, and think of something, we can share the idea or experience in the moment. I know QANTAS do this, and it’s really great!

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Welcome @petethehippy :_ninja_emojis_turq_03:

Great idea. I’ve heard this idea floating around but I’ll check in with the team and get back to you :+1:t3:

@petethehippy For now, while you’re in the app, tap the question mark :question: icon at the top and share feedback or bug reports via chat or call.

The team is exploring more options for in-app feedback next year :ninja_emojis_blue_03:

Would the in-app feedback work something along the lines of shake the screen to take a screenshot (or screenshot-like thing, not sure if there is an in-app API to capture the screen) and join the queue to chat with a Xinja Ninja? If so that could be super-useful.


You’ll always be able to chat but this is so you can submit feedback really easily thru the app rather than having to go anywhere else…and yes, screen grab/comment/submit type thang!