Inconvenience of paying someone with Xinja

Just some feedback - I’ve just had to pay a few thousand $$ to a vendor and decided to use some money in my Stash.

Having to first do an internal transfer to my Bank Account is just really inconvenient. There is no other way to describe it…the workflow is just plain dumb in my honest opinion. It hasn’t helped my save, it hasn’t helped me budget…it’s just inconvenienced me.


Also, the whole SMS verification is another waste of my time. Why not ask for my passcode or fingerprint like most other banks do? Much easier.


Hey Brett,

we do intend some friction with a savings account to cause people to pause but as per other threads, automating regular movements in between accounts will be introduced along with multi stash. As for the SMS verification, we will be reviewing security measures on the payments - it may or may not remain as SMS. Several other banks use SMS currently.

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@xinja_blair you need to make that friction optional. If things cause inconvenience the natural reaction is to go and bank somewhere else that isn’t as difficult.

Once Xinja has more of the standard features that people want the proposition then becomes ‘should in make Xinja my main bank’? Right now you make it difficult to do simple things so the answer for me is still a big no. I truly hope you move closer to yes.


@brett I raised this exact issue earlier today.

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Another reason why SMS as an authorisation checker not being the greatest thing is you might not have access to your SMS if you are overseas and want to transfer $

Hiya @Can1 and welcome to the Xinja Community!

Very good point re overseas travel, ahhh travel, remember those days. We are looking at ways we can make verification better, what would be your preferred way for us to verify you when we need that extra layer of security?

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Thanks @xinja_blair. I love your good work at Xinja.

How about a passcode sent to your email?

Sending users out of the app either through SMS or email is bad bad bad user experience. You already have two forms of verification available to you - fingerprint and passcode. Just use one of those like the best banking apps do. Why you would even consider SMS or email begs belief.

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Yep, use the phone’s biometric authentication as the second factor. Push notification through the app as a backup mechanism. SMS isn’t a good option.

@brett That’s interesting because in my experience, other banks also use the sms verification. I still remember how inconvenient I thought it was. I’ve tried westpac, commbank, anz, mebank, and CUA, and they all require me to have sms verification to transfer which made me stuck at one point because I was overseas and I had to use my paypal account to transfer. Email sounds like a good alternative to me.

@ariared26 I use two other banks and neither use SMS or email. I guess that’s why I still use them and not Xinja.

Late to the thread, but for transaction approval (like Internet purchases), how about a 2FA code delivered via a push notification in-app? CBA currently does that via MasterCard Identity Check, haven’t seen it used anywhere else though.
Biometric verification for sending money would probably be more secure than an SMS (given that the SMS is delivered to the phone on which money is being transferred anyways).

Would it be a good idea to use a tier system. Low value transactions are more convenient and larger sums require more security. Biometrics on a phone aren’t perfectly secure, some corporates don’t allow employees to use fingerprints as a way to login to work phones for this reason. It’s improving but not everyone is using a 3k phone so the biometrics needs to target for the weakest link i.e. older phones that have lower accuracy for fingerprints.