Install the app on multiple devices

Is it possible to have the app installed and logged in on multiple devices? Given there will be no online banking site it would be handy to install the app on an iPad or tablet alongside a smartphone.

Supporting portrait and landscape for tablet use would also be ideal.

I have it on an Android phone and an iPad, at the same time. It isn’t optimised for the iPad, it is designed for a phone sized screen, you need to turn the iPad vertically, and it scales up.

As suspected it does not work. As soon as I logged in on the tablet, my phone no longer worked. Got the attached error and then had to sign in from scratch again. Annoying e-mail verification and all.

Actually I will admit, I experience the same issue. It doesn’t seem to like being signed in on multiple devices. Possibly because I use a combo of Android and Apple, possibly just a multiple device issue. Either way, for now I’ve been signing into the app via email periodically whenever one of my devices has an issue.