Instant Top Up nicknames

Recently used the instant top up feature and added multiple cards. Would be great to allow users to specify a nickname for the cards to avoid the double take of checking the last 4 numbers of the card.


Good idea!

I love naming my accounts through other FSOs.

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Hi @petethehippy :ninja_emojis_pink_01: Thanks for sharing your idea! It’s an interesting consideration for how we design the Instant Top Up page. We’ll pass it onto the team.

… but now we’re going to need to add all the competitor logos to the cards too :joy:

I wouldn’t spend a huge amount of time redesigning the top-up page. Once instant payments with NPP and Pay-ID are rolled out people will have little need to top-up from a debit card.

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Agreed Brett. I wouldn’t invest in changing the Top-Up page much either. A simple field for users to add a “nickname” on Top-Up cards would be sufficient IMHO. I love Pay-ID but it always surprises me how few people know about it, although I imagine Xinja customers would have higher than average uptake of PayID. Good to have both Debit Top-Up and Pay-ID as options.

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I probably should have said Osko instead of NPP. Osko should also be the default transfer type when using bsb and account, that way users have instant transfer without using PayID.

I agree. A simple field for nickname ‘should’ be an easy win, but then so should the ability to remove an expired card, and apparently that’s a major piece of work :persevere:

Actually I wouldn’t mind keeping the instant top up, even though the NPP/Osko will provide instant payment functionality. I mean, it’ll probably go and that wouldn’t bother me, but I’ve found a funny loophole where an instant top up is regarded by another bank I use as a settled payment/transaction.

Meaning I can use it to meet certain criteria to get rebates on all ATM fees worldwide. It’s really useful for travel, sorry Xinja. Your card is a good travel card, but by your own admission, you only charge no fees on your end, whereas the card I use will even rebate a fee charged by the overseas ATM itself.

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These things really should have been arranged before launch. Seems to have been done in too big a hurry.

Hi @Ozhog some of this is deliberate, we want to launch features that are most important for our customers.

While we could have spent months developing what we thought you wanted, we decided to take a different path.

If you haven’t already, I’d recommend checking out the Xinja Roadmap and vote on your priorities.