Instant Top Up nicknames

Recently used the instant top up feature and added multiple cards. Would be great to allow users to specify a nickname for the cards to avoid the double take of checking the last 4 numbers of the card.


Good idea!

I love naming my accounts through other FSOs.

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Hi @petethehippy :ninja_emojis_pink_01: Thanks for sharing your idea! It’s an interesting consideration for how we design the Instant Top Up page. We’ll pass it onto the team.

… but now we’re going to need to add all the competitor logos to the cards too :joy:

I wouldn’t spend a huge amount of time redesigning the top-up page. Once instant payments with NPP and Pay-ID are rolled out people will have little need to top-up from a debit card.

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Agreed Brett. I wouldn’t invest in changing the Top-Up page much either. A simple field for users to add a “nickname” on Top-Up cards would be sufficient IMHO. I love Pay-ID but it always surprises me how few people know about it, although I imagine Xinja customers would have higher than average uptake of PayID. Good to have both Debit Top-Up and Pay-ID as options.

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I probably should have said Osko instead of NPP. Osko should also be the default transfer type when using bsb and account, that way users have instant transfer without using PayID.

I agree. A simple field for nickname ‘should’ be an easy win, but then so should the ability to remove an expired card, and apparently that’s a major piece of work :persevere:

Actually I wouldn’t mind keeping the instant top up, even though the NPP/Osko will provide instant payment functionality. I mean, it’ll probably go and that wouldn’t bother me, but I’ve found a funny loophole where an instant top up is regarded by another bank I use as a settled payment/transaction.

Meaning I can use it to meet certain criteria to get rebates on all ATM fees worldwide. It’s really useful for travel, sorry Xinja. Your card is a good travel card, but by your own admission, you only charge no fees on your end, whereas the card I use will even rebate a fee charged by the overseas ATM itself.

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