Instant Top Up Not Recieved

I joined XINJA this week. Today I completed my first $20 instant top up with NO issues.

However at 7 pm tonight i attempted a second top up of $70. It NEVER arrived. O chatted with XINJA and was advised it had been successfully Recieved by them and should arrive in an hour or so.

Two hours later and the $70still hasn’t appeared.

I’m grateful I didn’t transfer a larger amount and really need answers. But sadly after my top up not arriving I can’t feel confident transferring my savings into Xinja. So disappointed and don’t understand what’s happened. Has anyone else had this experience?

Update: It’s now been over 12 hours and my “instant” top up has still failed to be credited to my Xinja account. So I’ve raised a dispute with my original bank to get my money back. And won’t be banking with Xinja again I am so disappointed with this experience and won’t use XINJA again. .

I believe with this bank any weekend or outside business hours transfers are delayed until the next business day within business hours.

I’ve had no problems, only problem
Is NAB in branch couldn’t transfer my funds into xinja as they didn’t recognise BSB ?? Odd thing was I’d transferred & opened the account with no problems on internet banking to

Since the $70 instant top up was never Recieved I’ve had to open a dispute with my original bank to recover my funds. I unfortunately won’t use XINJA in future.

Very sorry to hear that @Anon - we’re investigating on your behalf obviously regardless of your decision and will let you know the outcome.

It was an instant top up using my debit card. Not a transfer.

Hi @mra888 - that might be because NAB is using the APN (Australian Payment Network) for its list of BSBs - they only update their records once a quarter and are only due to add Xinja this month. @xinjareader - what do you reckon?

Does that mean I can’t make a transfer from Ubank to Xinjia until …when//

@Journeyman think this is only affecting some instant payment transfers but, as always, I’d recommend starting off with a small amount and make sure that goes through first. Definitely let us know if you hit any snags along the way.

I just had the same issue. I did two instant too ups. one for $900 never was recorded on my xinja account. My debit card used had the funds taken tho. I hope this can be resolved. Seems like a common bug.

Hi @jatyyn - not sure what the caus is but please get in touch with the Xinjarati right away so they can sort it? Can you reach out via in app chat or call them on 1800 946527 - we’re reporting it at our end to see if there are any other cases.


Yep I have raised this with support and a refund was issued but I am yet to see it. Apparently it can take up to 5 days to return to my card.

It actually is quite worrying that a bank looses $900 and it takes me a week to get it back, and this has now made unwilling to trust this instant topup feature again in the future.

How can we be assured that greater care will be taken with our money in the future? I think some additional testing and safeguards need to be out in place around instant transfers to ensure it is reliable enough going forward.

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I see. This lines up with instant top-up failing for me when using NAB Visa Debit card. Worked just fine with ING card

just tried the instant top up and all went through correctly, my existing bank sent me a text message with a authorisation number which i entered on the Xinja app and hey presto funds transferred

Hi @jaytyn - we use eway for our instant top ups. These errors are occasional rather than common but very disconcerting I agree and I’m sorry the refund is not instant like the top up. The solution has been in place since launch - and we used it for our prepaid card before that - and these issues have been rare. However it is only there as a temporary solution whilst we build instant payment (PayID/NPP/Osko) that we’re releasing in April-June quarter - aiming for the front end of that. It was to give customers instant funding of the account prior to PayID, however standard bank transfers (to your bsb and acct number) are of course available. Once again, sorry this has happened to you.

Thanks for the explanation. I have just received the money back, which is great. I’ll now transfer it to my xinja stash using EFT.

I must say the support has been really amazing on this issue. The no BS explanations, fast action by your xinjarati, all impressive.

I’m happy with that explanation, and thankful for the time you have taken to explain this.

I might use normal EFT transfers until Osko comes. Which will be a great addition

Thanks and have a lovely day :grinning:

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That’s incredible to hear and exactly what we aim for - no BS.
We can’t promise to have everything perfect the first time (oh that we could!) but we will do everything we can to answer honestly and directly when issues come up.

I had this happen to me once, the exact same thing when I opened a new account at commbank. Commbank refused to help, and I was using westpac at the time and they couldn’t do anything becasue the money had been charged. Talked to everyone on the phone and at the branch and no one knew where the money went, and told me to wait. Money showed up 2 months later without any explanations. These things happen to other banks as well.

did it all end up okay ? did your money go into to your xinja ??

Hi @Brayden don’t worry - you will get your money…instant top up does fail occasionally typically because the internet drops out part way through and the money goes into limbo- however the Xinjarati can sort this for you. Is the email you use for this account the same as your Xinja email? If not, please DM your Xinja email address and we’ll get the Xinjarati to contact you. @xinja_blair can you please sort this for Brayden?

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