iOS app crashing after instant top-up

My Xinja app (v1.3) is crashing after CUA 3DS on iOS 13.3.1, I’ve used it a few times and it’s only not crashed once, the money does go through every time though.

I was wondering if this is happening for anyone else?

@Sky haven’t heard of this happening but I’ll pass along the info to our tech geniuses to try and get it resolved for you :brain:

+1 I have exactly the same issue. Instant top up works but it crashes on the loading indicator. Behind the loading indicator tho I can see the transaction was successful, I just can’t tap it to dismiss. This issue is consistently reproduced even after restarting the device and force quitting the app and reattempting.

-iPhone X
-iOS 13.3.1
-App version 1.4 (6627)
-Visa Debit

Thanks guys - we’re still looking into this one so the extra details about device used, IOS and app version are really helpful. Hopefully will have it fixed soon :crossed_fingers:

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Just alerting that I’ve had the same issue when using instant top up to my account today. Loading icon remains on the screen despite the backdrop saying the transaction has completed. Only way out is to close and restart the app.

Using an iPhone XR, app is up to date and phone running iOS 13.3.1

Hope everyone is safe and healthy.

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Thanks so much @peterxinja and welcome!!! This is an intermittent problem…it happens occasionally and particularly if there’s anything wrong with the internet connection. We have looked into this but there is no easy fix. Obviously this won’t be a problem once we have NPP (PayID) for instant funding - this is now looking like July but we’re hoping will come back to June.