"Is that banking?"

Hi. It’s me with another thing.

I was just reading an article about subscription models for financial / banking services - which is a little strange, but kinda interesting…

At the bottom of the article was a sentence that ended with… [people would be asking] “is that banking?” And I was like… woh… that’s potentially very catchy.

So… it needs the right context and presentation, but maybe a one day future Xinja campaign or tagline will feature… “Is that banking?” Top of the head ideas:

  • “What is that? Is that banking?”
  • “Is that banking? Yep. Xinja.”
  • High fees and charges? Lack of transparency? Is that banking? Not any more. Xinja."
  • Low or no fees? Transparent and ethical? Is that banking? Xinja."
  • “I can’t believe it’s (not) banking?!”

I genuinely like it, sounds like something I’d expect to see Xinja behind.

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You are so. dang. good at this @yogi! It could work perfectly with our #unbanky approach!

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