Joint accounts please!


Noting the push to have home loans rolled out as a new product, can you please prioritize having joint accounts set up prior? You’re excluding couples with joint finances who want a home loan… and my wife doesn’t want to bank with you until we have a joint account…and we haven’t deposited any money with you because of this…



Hiya Xinja @sammm, thanks for your feedback :thought_balloon: we’re focused on rolling out the features that are most important for most of our customers, it’s a balancing act for sure :balance_scale: Both joint accounts and home loans are in our plan, you can vote on them (and track their progress) here: :world_map:

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Thanks for the reply, much appreciated!

I’ve looked and voted – good process all round. It’s good being able to have input in the direction based on needs and requirements as a customer.

I’ve noticed there are items that have more votes for ‘Apr to Jun’ and ‘Future’ than the current window ‘Jan to Mar’. Would those votes not drive Xinja’s prioritisation for development? I don’t see why something like ‘Secret Sexy Squirrel’ (26 votes – I don’t even know what that is) would rate higher than fundamental account requirements like a joint account (71 votes), splitting bills (79 votes) or changing daily spend limits (72 votes).

I’ve taken the liberty to prioritise the list of tasks according to votes – just trying to help :slight_smile:

Task |Votes|Rank|

NPP/PayID |271|1|
Schedule recurring payment |178|2|
Bpay |160|3|
Transaction cats |155|4|
Spend notifications |129|5|
Multiple stashes |123|6|
Loans |113|7|
Referral rewards |106|8|
Merchant logos |94|9|
Bill split |79|10|
Change daily spend limit |72|11|
Update pers info |71|12|
Joint accounts |71|12|
Int. payments |62|14|
Widget to check your balance |62|14|
Open banking |42|16|
iwatch |41|17|
Leave queries in chat |39|18|
Secret sexy squirrel |39|18|
Change notification settings |38|20|
In app spt |27|21|
Push notifications |27|21|
Samsung pay |20|23|
Xinja inbox |18|24|
Accessibility features |16|25|
Provision an additional testing |5|26|

I consolidated the loans (personal / home and general) to make it simpler. Many of the tasks that appear to be high on the list of things to do in the first half look to be driven by app developers than customer needs/requirements. I guess if customers aren’t worried about an ‘in-app support function’ (27 votes) or ‘provision an additional testing environment’ (5 votes), why put weight of effort behind it? The top 10 (of 26 tasks) make up 80% of the votes. The remaining 16 tasks only 20%. Only three in the top 10 are on the roadmap for Jan - Apr 2020 (Transaction categories, multiple stashes and merchant logos). For Apr - June 2020, three of the top 10 are prioritised – NPP/PayID, scheduled recurring payments and spend notifications. They collectively make up 32% of all the votes and aren’t being prioritised until Q2 2020! Of those tasks in the top 10, two aren’t being looked prioritised for first half 2020 (Loans and Bill splitting – 6.32% and 4.4% of votes respectively).

I’m loving what you guys are doing but there appears to be a disconnect between what people are telling you what they want in real time and where it’s being placed in future project development. Having dynamic information like this is a literal gold mine for a new start up. It’s not clear how things are prioritised if voting doesn’t seem to count…

Again, love what you guys have done and are achieving. Glad to be able to be part of the Xinja tribe.


I agree that there does appear to need to be some shuffling of items on the board, but it wouldn’t be as straightforward as going highest voted first as you’ve done. The top 3 features would tie up the server side team completely while the app team do relatively little (with compliance doing some for #1 and #3).

Hi propoke24,

You are completely right. I guess I was being a little flippant ( :slight_smile: )by being so simple about prioritising the list but I was just trying to highlight the disconnect between what people are voting for and what’s on the project horizon. I’ll have a look through the items that appear to be ‘back of house technical’ and ‘customer facing’ to see if there’s still a big disconnect. It could just be a simple change of removing some of the technical things from the list and rearranging the voting preferences. What the techincal team need to achieve vs what customers need could/could not be a business decision that needs to be made.

In my mind, you can’t have a house loan without joint accounts in the current climate (unless you’re earning a huge income, have parents going guarantor or using rolled over collateral from other real estate). At the end of the day, banks make money from loaning money (and investing our deposits).

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Oh I didn’t mean any disrespect, was simply showing that it isn’t always straightforward.

Looking between the lines of the job postings Xinja has had, I’d say that tasks can loosely be grouped by mobile team, SAP team, payments team (which would be integration points), and all must go through testing, security, and finally compliance :blush:

But yes, I do think that joint accounts coming after home loans is off, but then how different (programming wise) is a home loan from a personal loan? Not much I’d imagine, which means development of either product effectively results in only complaince having to look at it. Maybe the UX team.

I imagine things like multiple stashes are also a confidence in system thing. Yes I don’t doubt it’s been tested to death in pre production but there is always just that one case you can’t see… It could be a strategic decision to be very damn sure of the system before changing the single variable server side to enable multiple stashes and the few weeks of UX and testing on client side.

I suppose Xinja could batch up jobs like that for idle teams so that their side of a feature is ready and done for when another team has their side finished, but then that starts getting dangerous as the code begins to resemble a patchwork quilt rather than, say, a duvet :joy:

But still, would be good to see your findings!

Also I think a bit of mismatch between target market and the market they have has also occurred.

Joint accounts would be great actually.

On a related topic, can you nominate someone to operate your account currently?

Hi @XinjaBoi - no current options to add a signatory or nominated user but it’s something we’re looking at in tandem with joint accounts.

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Hi @sammm and @propoke24! Thanks for your contributions and insight on this (and many other) threads!

We definitely do tweak our timeline based on the feedback and votes of customers but bear in mind that some votes on later features are higher because we now have a larger (voting) customer base or other things.

Some features are quick changes, some are already 75% ready and it would be silly to abandon because something else got a higher vote. The roadmap :world_map: is just one of the ways we track our customer requests, so yes - it’s not a straight correlation between thrello votes and timeline for features but we monitor it closely and adjust accordingly :balance_scale: