Joint Bank and stash Accounts

Can you safely enable joint accounts so i can replace my existing joint cheque transaction account which my wife and I use to pay bills and need to be able to see who paid what not both pay the same bill separately.


Hey @JonBays - Joint Accounts is one of the biggest requests at the moment, so we are talking internally about when we can do it - we don’t currently have it in the timeline but we’re hearing everyone on this…we should have an update in the next few weeks as to the rough timeline…and we’ll update the roadmap and this forum.

And welcome to the forum!!!

We’re waiting for a joint account option to open too, all our savings are tied up in one of the Big 4s as the other half wouldn’t be best pleased if I fired all our joint savings into a sole account


Yes please this is something we definitely would want, there must be so many families in a position where they aren’t taking advantage of Xinja for this exact reason.

Joint accounts are on the cards - but not before midyear at this point. If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out our roadmap (and vote on your priorities) at :world_map:

In addition to joint accounts, maybe the idea of giving permission to a partner to access an account without it having to be in their name would work (like signatories on an old fashion account)?
Web access to Xinja would also achieve this in a roundabout way.

Welcome to the Xinja Community @Jabba :partying_face: and good suggestion, web access :desktop_computer: isn’t on the cards for now but we’ll let you know if that changes.