Large parcel of shares for sale

Hi all, I have 8,875 Xinja shares for sale. To be fair price is as per current Class D Capital Raising of A$4.08. Please get in contact if interested, preference will be given to those who can acquire the whole parcel. Thank you.

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Would you sell $1k worth? Im looking to make a small speculative position in Xinja

Hi there Kelvin,

Okay but only at the current price of $4.08 so 245 shares.



Hey @Kelvin @PL35 :wave:

It’s nice to see you guys lining something up!

For the broader community, please note that this is a Private Sale and being facilitated by Phillip as a Non-Market Transaction as is his right as a shareholder.

Xinja is not facilitating this transaction. For any other investors with questions please reach out to

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Yes i am keen to proceed. How do we go about this?