Large parcel of shares for sale

Hi all, I have 8,875 Xinja shares for sale. To be fair price is as per current Class D Capital Raising of A$4.08. Please get in contact if interested, preference will be given to those who can acquire the whole parcel. Thank you.

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Would you sell $1k worth? Im looking to make a small speculative position in Xinja

Hi there Kelvin,

Okay but only at the current price of $4.08 so 245 shares.



Hey @Kelvin @PL35 :wave:

It’s nice to see you guys lining something up!

For the broader community, please note that this is a Private Sale and being facilitated by Phillip as a Non-Market Transaction as is his right as a shareholder.

Xinja is not facilitating this transaction. For any other investors with questions please reach out to

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Yes i am keen to proceed. How do we go about this?

How does one buy shares in xinja?? I’ve been looking on the forum but cannot find any info.
PS I’m new to xinja and to this forum.

Hi there, Xinja shares aren’t publicly listed, so basically you have to find sellers on this forum (like this post for example that I put up a while back) and then you liaise with the relevant seller to come to an agreement on both price and # of shares, and then you conduct a non-market transaction following the procedures of the registry (BoardRoom Limited). Hope this helps.

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Thank you @PL35 I just did some quick reading about that and have posted a new topic on it :crossed_fingers: I get some interest. Thank you for the help!

Hi Phillip.

I would be happy to purchase 625 units @ $4.08.

Please let me know how we can arrange this transaction:



hey @Bjsarai - welcome to the community :wave: and thank you for your interest in becoming a Xinja shareholder!

Hi @xjdlmh & welcome to the community! :wave: Thank you for your interest in purchasing Xinja shares - all the best with lining something up via private sale.

Have emailed you privately to discuss details, thanks!

I’d suggest people keep in mind that just because Xinja are offering new shares at $4.08 in a round that has been open for 9 months ( not completed or closed) that does not mean $4.08 is the right share price for a private transaction. It has been over 4 months since Xinja announced World Investments had committed $160m immediately and not a single cent has been received. There is zero guarantee this transaction will go through at $4.08 ( if I was World Investments I would be looking a big discount given the current environment) or that the investment will happen at all. Its important to make your own mind up about valuation and make offers on that basis. I personally invested early but passed on the latest round given the sky high valuation. Of course make your own mind up.

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Thanks Hello for the reminder, to which if I may add my 2 cents (noting I am definitely biased given I am a partial seller in this particular instance):

  1. When it comes to institutional investors, reputation is highly important. Office market is a prime example where valuation of assets are under question, however A-grade asset transactions that were struck pre-COVID have continued to be settled with nil discount, this is because these investors value the long term relationships rather than attempt to seek a one-off discount for deals as it’ll risk burning their reputation in the market for other future transactions.

  2. It was reported only last week that World Investments intend to proceed with their proposed investment:

  3. Dabble have since been announced, an earlier revenue proposition for the group which is a positive in my view around future cash burn.

Of course, there is no guarantee that the UAE/AU regulators will give the green light, nor do I have any particularly insight around discussions etc. and thus leave this all up to Xinja management to manage and update us in due course. Again you are absolutely spot on in that it is up to both buyers and sellers to decide on what they feel as an appropriate price to transact =)

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I had a successful and good experience transacting with @PL35

Good luck to everyone else looking to purchase more shares.


Hi. How is the share ownership/transfer registered? Is it with something like computershare? What did the process look like?