Launched my website (finally)!


Thanks to the terrible British weather I brought here with me to Sydney, I’ve been spending much time inside working on my website, silver linings and all.

I just thought I’d put something together to showcase some of the photographs I took while touring the West Coast, while also getting myself back up to speed on the technology used to develop websites today. It was very different back in my teen years.

Go check it out

I have a few bugs I need to get round to fixing, but looking at the weather over the next week I can see myself spending as much of it as possible outside.


@two_seven - while I’m displeased that you brought the British weather with you… :triumph: I’m loving the website! Nice work. :ok_hand:

Fingers crossed we get some freaking sun soon so you can enjoy Sunny Sydney beach weather!! :beach_umbrella:


I’m currently doing the Coogee - Bondi walk and hoping Google photos will brighten up these images. :see_no_evil:


ha ha ha Good practice!!