Lean-agile anyone?


Hey xinjas - thought you you might be interested in this blog - anyone’s views on Lean-Agile? And talk to @appyXinja :ninja_emojis_pink_03:
Lean-agile 101


Well that definitely beats the death-march approach I suffered for years. I never studied the agile methodology as given the way the business was run it just wasn’t a viable option. We were usually a one man band juggling multiple projects, covering both front and back end amongst other things. It made for an interesting approach, but ultimately lead to burnout. Without the support of a proper software team structure things can end up in a mess pretty quickly. I’d rather someone making the wrong decisions than no decisions, at least there’s a scope for education.

I think one thing I learned through my experience is that you have to know when to call it a day. You’ll never achieve perfection and no matter what you put out, someone is always going to have something to say about it, good or bad.

Software development can appear like a black art to those on the outside, anything that can be done to visualise the work being done will give those in decision making roles a sense of comfort and hopefully understanding that productive work is being done. Software development can be a mind bending exercise so anything to bridge the gap and allow the development team to do their work will pay dividends.

It’d be interesting to see how you manage the feature requests from a banking product perspective vs those that customers are looking for. You have a business to run after all. I guess this is where the ability to scale to more than one team would come into play.

I guess you guys have an in-house bug and feature tracker, do you deliver live feature progress to the outside world?


How many staff do you have? How many developers? Your CTO won’t want to hear this but terms and positions like ‘scrum master’ and escpecially ‘certified scrum master’ should have been buried 5 years ago - even in big firms. For a firm the size of Xinja you should just develop quickly with no bureaucracy. Hire people that are good and trust them.


Hi @two_seven, you hit on a good point around banking features that we need to build versus those that have been asked for by customers. We track all user feedback in JIRA and review those against features we have from our internal business. We have been using our PrePaid card to get feedback from customers to inform what we build in to our future deposit bank account (subject to our getting a banking license). As an example, only today @XinjaNinja raised another customer request in JIRA for biometrics to be added to the app and this is something we are currently prioritising for the deposit version of the app.

I’m terms of our feature and bug tracking we use JIRA and to date have not made this public, but we are working on making our roadmap more visible.


Hi @bdog67, I agree with your sentiments here, we focus on keeping things lean and hiring the best talent we can and then supporting them so they can be awesome.

We don’t follow any given methodology, but lean on lean and agile principles and embrace automation and continuous build and delivery.

I agree the term scrum master is over used, and often misunderstood, the part of the scrum master role definition I really like is to be a servant leader - after all if you’ve invested heavily in awesome people, then you really need to be a true servant leader to get the best from them.

In terms of devs, we have a dozen or so.