Make it harder to order your physical card

During the sign up phase there is a step where you can order your physical card. I choose this (I must admit almost mindlessly), not quite realising yet that later in the process I would have the card in my wallet, ready to go. Now I actually don’t want the physical card, I have no need for it, it’s a waste of resources. I would expect a neobank to principally not deliver physical goods.

Perhaps there are reasons why someone may want a physical card. They could then still do this after signup, by going to the “Card” tab in the app.

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How would you withdraw cash?


Pretty sure it’s a regulatory thing. Banks need to provide ability to access cash, and a physical card is the only way to achieve that.

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There are still some vendors that require a physical card.

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Hi guys - @brett is right in that we need to make sure you can access - there are instances still where apple pay/google pay not accepted however our feeling is that these will recede and we will be giving people the option in the future. @guyder and @loz welcome!

I have not used cash for months, and do not carry a wallet. If a vendor does not accept e-pay, then I would simply walk away, though I can’t remember an instance where that happened, so not sure if such vendors still exist. If I really needed cash for some reason I suppose I could do a cashout at a grocery store.

Not saying the option shouldn’t be there, just not in the signup process would be my suggestion. Makes the signup process a little simpler.

Anyways, so far I have a great experience with Xinja. Keep up the good work!