Mastercard Cryptocard


Mastercard just won a patent for a crypto-inclusive card. What do you think this will mean down the line? Do you think it will legitimise crypto way faster than it would have otherwise?


Like a lot of people, I still don’t fully understand crypto currency or how it works, but that’s not to say I wouldn’t do more research and give it a go in the future if it becomes more mainstream. Mastercard coming on board would “normalise” it for a lot of people that are “scared” of it. If Mastercard do it, chances are Visa will too. It makes sense for Mastercard to not let itself be left behind if it does take off.


That’s the thing about this article though, Mastercard are patenting the design, so unless Visa comes up with a better one I reckon ‘they’ will be the ones left out in the cold. I am very keen for a card of some kind to come along and legitimise the whole thing though, very cool!


I like the idea of a MasterCoin. Like a fiat currency. TBH, I am dubious on most Cyrpto. I would like to see the underlying technology, I.e Smart contracts used. .


MasterCoin…Great! I know it’s blockchain based, so less tangle and more chain, but it could still be an awesome legitimiser.


I still need to comment on this. Its been there in my mind, I’m busy playing catch up with the latest Fintech news.

I’ll be back!