Merchant Blocking

Australia has a high percentage of users using some sort of betting services, including online casinos and many more. Would Xinja be interested in having a merchant block based on merchant categories for users that wish to “self-exclude” themselves for a specific period or indefinitely?

For example;

Person A, a compulsive gambler, is able to self exclude itself from all merchants associated with online gaming. Able to set the exclusion period.

Person B, also a compulsive gambler, is able to block itself from accessing any ATMs within 500m radius of a land-based casino (location-based block)

These will be all voluntary.

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Hi @Bankatron - very interesting area! This is something we’re looking at. Monzo in the UK set up a series of user controlled merchant blockers. They even went as far as checking in with people if they appeared to be spending a lot on online gambling in the early hours of the morning…As a bank, we think we should be facing up to the big issues related to money and wellbeing. Gambling is a hue one - particularly in Australia. What’s interesting is we asked this question when we went out with our survey (would you like us to set a pre- agreed blocker on a particular merchant for a period of time…implying a sort of cooling off period.) This turned out to be really divisive - some found the idea of our suggesting a control like that offensive - others had the whole ‘save me from myself!’ attitude to spending. The tough moment comes when the block kicks in…even if the user has set it.

At a minimum we are thinking of trialling this - as you say, it would be self setting against a series of options.


Hi Zinjas :slight_smile:
Pesonally i like the idea of a dollars based exclusion - such as $30 per week etc, where users can only change the maximum once per month for example - at least they would be restricting or limiting their monthly spend on gambling.

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Like this @Fluffman - just so simple :_ninja_emojis_lblue_01: