Missing money?!

OK so this morning I made 3 transactions with Ladbrokes which were for $20, then another $20 then $10. The correct amounts were reflected on my Ladbrokes account.

Now I’ve logged onto Xinja and it’s shown that 3 debits were made for $20, $20 and $20 - I’m missing $10!

I contacted Ladbrokes immediately and they checked the transaction and confirmed that the last transaction was definitely only for $10.

So why is Xinja showing incorrect amounts?!

Whats even more baffling is that $19.63 mysteriously appeared in my account last week yet absolutely no deposit was made.

This has made me extremely nervous. If I don’t get some solid, proper explanations then I’m closing the account.

I’m actually MISSING money.

I think an email to the ACCC may be my next step…

If you lodged a formal complaint to AFCA over a $10 discrepancy that occurred a few hours ago, they’d likely ask you to provide proof that you’ve given Xinja a fair chance to resolve it. This includes a formal complaint attempt, and a reasonable amount of time for Xinja to review (in the weeks, not hours) before AFCA would review your matter. You can confirm what I’m saying on their website.

This is likely a simple explanation, which may not even be Xinja’s fault. I’m sure someone will respond to this thread over the weekend.

Have you made multiple threads over the $10? Is this thread about the $10 as well?

Overall you’re saying you lost $10, and you gained $19.63, this means if Xinja really was messing with your money, you would actually owe them $9.63? You’re going to complain saying Xinja gave you free money?

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Just for reference, this has nothing to do with the ACCC.

If you want to complain then you do that to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA).

You’re welcome.


Hi @Kris1111 - I’m so sorry this has occurred. I’ve spoken to the head of the Xinjarati, Ricardo, who is looking into it - he’s found an open issue which he thinks is yours but can I confirm the email address you’ve registered with on this forum is the same as the one you’re registered with your Xinja bank account? Many thanks - as soon as they have an answer and resolution they will get back to you directly via email.

Hello, just spoke to the lovely Ricardo who told me what happened in simple terms and has sorted everything out. My apologies for jumping to conclusions, I thought my money was being stolen! Many thanks x