Multiple Device Access

Hi, since I have read your focus is currently to not develop a desktop browser platform (which is needed too). Will you look into being able to be logged into multiple devices. I.e. having access on phone and tablet at same time. Currently if I try It makes me request email comfirm each time, logs me out of the other device and starts causing errors. I think this is much needed and shows a huge flaw in design. If I lost my phone or it was stolen I would not be able to easily access my money. Please consider this basic feature. This is holding me back from having any significant money in the account.

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Hey @wasdman and welcome to the community :partying_face:

You can already access your account from multiple devices so that you’ve got back up in the case you lose one or it’s out of battery etc. But no plans right now to set up devices for simultaneous access.

Are you needing to access your account on two screens for a particular reason? Maybe we can solve it another way :thinking:

I’ve been experiencing issues logging into the Xinja app on a 2nd device, after using the app on a 1st (main) device. Both devices run latest iOS.

I thought it must be due to Xinja restricting registration to a single device at a time, but now realise reading this thread @xinja_blair this isn’t the case.

When logging into the Xinja app on a 2nd device:

  • app requests my email address
  • click on the sign-in link in the email
  • sign into the app with existing passcode.

Using the app on this 2nd device continues smoothly, until I then try to switch back to using main device: the login process seems to refresh, i.e. app requests my email address and the above process repeats.

I couldn’t see that anyone else in Community had reported/resolved this…?


I understand its possible but its not fluid. I.e. on the CBA app you can be registered on multiple devices that way you can just easily enter your password and do your banking without continuously having to confirm emails and set pass codes. Also as @Jill has mentioned trying to log into different devices is super clunky and I have had errors come up multiple times in the process and I run android on both my phone and tablet but she appears to use apple, so it appears its just an app problem.

Thanks @Jill and @wasdman for those clear explanations of the issues - didn’t realise it was taking you through the whole not-so-magic link process again.

Might have something coming soon to fix this but I’ll have to check in with our App Xinjas to see whether the change I’m thinking of will fix this particular problem… Unfortunately can’t say anything more at this point unless I kill you :shushing_face:

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I am experiencing the same “multiple device login” issue described by @wasdman and @Jill

I have Samsung Note 10 (primary phone for Xinja app) and iPhone 7 (secondary phone for Xinja app).

When I tap on Xinja app on my iPhone 7, I am asked to:

  • Enter my Email address
  • Click on link sent to my email address
  • Enter 6-digit Passcode

(I have done the above steps before)

Is this a bug?


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Hey @ContagiousEnthusiasm. It’s not a bug as such but it is a clunky process we’re working on changing (especially removing that not so “magic link”).

Currently, because we only offer individual accounts, our security requirements at that Xinjas can only be actively logged in on one device at a time. You can use multiple devices, but yes, will be logged out of the other each time you switch.

Continuing the discussion from Multiple Device Access:

@xinja-blair I see. Thank you.

I hope the improvement will totally remove the limitation on the number of devices, instead of increasing to 2 devices. I have 3 smartphones and 2 tablets - Android and iOS. If you have to stick to a limit, please make it 6. Thanks.

Oooft that’s quite a collection @ContagiousEnthusiasm!