Multiple transaction accounts - idea

Just a suggestion. Any chance we can one day have multiple transaction accounts under the one user? I currently have 3 cards with 3 banks that I shift my money around weekly to control my spending. One for my leisure spending, one for grocery and one for my investment property (helps with tax). It really helps me keep a lid on my spending weekly. Really helps me save.

Hi @Jckorn - thanks so much for your suggestion :raised_hands:
This is on our roadmap :blue_car::vertical_traffic_light:, as it’s saving behaviours yours that we absolutely want to encourage. We’ll be adding our “Stash” account (savings) early in the new year and then things like categorisation, multiple stashes, round ups and messaging - which is when we’ll really start to help you make more out of your money.:wink:

Thank you for the response. The issue with how most saving accounts including how stash would work is, a set amount to saved each week. Whereas if I work the other way and limit what I can spend, my savings is maximised that way. For example. Currently I allocate 200 to grocery, 200 to leisure. Anything above this is saved. Having seperate accounts and cards for each category allows me to put a hard control into my spending, being the 200 deposit per week. Anything I earn above this is saved.