Must do's in Australia?


As a dirty foreigner about to embark on an epic journey to your wondrous land, what must do activities and locations must I see when I’m over?


@two_seven - where to start! In my 10 years here there have been too many highlights to mention! Top of my list has been: driving / camping from Cairns to Darwin (via Uluru) through the outback, summers spent on Sydney’s stunning beaches, trips to Australia’s beautiful wine regions (Hunter Valley, Margaret River, Barossa Valley), the rainforest and reef of Far North Queensland. :australia:

I’d also make a recommendation that when in Sydney, as well as all the obvious famous sights (Bondi, Manly, the bridge and the opera house) go south of Sydney and check out the Royal National Park and the beaches to the south down to Wollongong. :ninja_emojis_blue_01:


What a brilliant question! :grinning:
I’ve been a tour guide in both NSW and Far North Queensland so grab a beer, settle in and let me share my knowledge. hehe
I would highly suggest doing ‘The Bridgeclimb’ in Sydney. It’s pricey but well worth it. My favourite climb is the Twilight climb, however if you want value for money you could request the climb directly before the Twilight Climb. This way you get almost the same experience for the price of a regular climb.


If you head to Uluru I would recommend “Dinner in the dirt”. Annoyingly, I can’t remember the official name for it but essentially you enjoy a 3 course meal as you watch the sunset over Ayers Rock. Once the sun has set all lights are turned off. I’ve never seen so many stars in my life.

Definitely need to do all the normal things in Sydney - a ferry ride to Manly and icecream on the beach is a must. Blue mountains for some Canyoning if you are adventurous, or just a nice bushwalk.

Far North Queensland is lovely! If you head to Cairns there are several islands just a ferry ride away and a fairly good nightlife in the city itself. (Well there used to be anyway). You can also drive to places like Crystal Cascades or Cape York from there. You could go white water rafting on the Tully river.

What kind of things are you into @two_seven? Fine meals? Adventure? Beer?


Thanks for your suggestions @digixinja, where are you from originally?

I visited Australia last year for a wedding and did 4/5 days in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney. I did a few trips, but everything was so rushed I really want to take my time. Sydney was definitely my favourite place, although I’ve been told I must get up the east coast.

I’m trying not to plan too much at the moment and just wing it, advice from a friend who did just that and had an amazing time doing things such as driving and camping.

I never got to visit Manly last year, but I did go to Bondi for a few hours, again I just need to see everything for an extended period of time. It’d be nice to do some people watching and really take the whole place in.


I wanted to do this last year but never got a chance. :pensive: Good to know these extra details though @XinjaNinja, thanks!


Dinner in the dirt sounds ace. I’ve just been bought a decent camera for a BIG birthday and have wanted to focus on photography at night. This sounds perfect!

I went to the Blue Mountains last year on another whirlwind tour, so to do it all again would be awesome. I’m into all sorts to be honest, or at least I’ll give everything a go. I’d definitely like to live a more active lifestyle.


My social life will have to change slightly as I enjoy the good life way too much at the moment, working in engineering with a well paid job I seem to spend way too much money on good food eating out and drinks in the sun (when we get it). I’ll be going back to survival mode for a short while until I land some work.


BIG Birthday you say??? Now I’m dying to know!


Oh my goodness - nothing wrong with good food, eating out and drinks in the sun… Or even bad food, eating out and drinks in the sun! I’m heading to the USA in two weeks and I think you’ve just described my holiday. hehe.
So you are in Australia for a year?


It’s nothing really, it was just the big 3-0. However I received the gift over a year late… my age is just one big riddle.

It does however mean society may start taking me more seriously now.


That sounds like a lot of responsibility… being taken seriously and all. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s a lifestyle I’m going to struggle to give up. I may have to learn an instrument and start busking on those Australian streets!

Where in the US will you be going?

Yeah I have a working holiday visa for the year, which is my way of dipping my toe in the water and seeing if living halfway around the world from my family and friends is for me. I’m really struggling to find any negatives!


:rofl: It’s hard work I’ll have you know!


Hmmm, we have two guitars at the Xinja office… *Prepared for every occasion including random needs of learning an instrument and busking on the streets. :rofl:


In answer to your question about the USA. Starting off in Hollywood. Heading to Vegas after that… (many a pool party to be had)… Plus they have yoga with the dolphins there!!! After that there are a few train trips … visiting places like New York, SanFran and Chicago. Finishing off in Santa Monica by the beach. USA in summer… can’t wait! Any suggestions are welcomed if you’ve been.


Yoga with dolphins…!? I can see a YouTube session coming on.

Sounds like one hell of a trip, yet another country I need to see more of. I’ve never done the west coast, but it seems to be very popular.

How long are you over there?

Standard helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon is supposed to be a winner. I’ve done a few holidays to Minnesota in the past, it’s beautiful up there, Mount Rushmore in South Dakota was interesting as a youth… probably even more so now I can appreciate the effort.

We should probably rename this chat to “Must do’s in the world!”


hahaha We really have hijacked the #speakeasy

In the USA for a few weeks. I’m actually sad to be leaving my Xinja family for that time! I don’t want to miss a thing!

Have done the helicopter flight. It was quite spectacular. I’ve only been there in winter though… :fearful: Definitely not a fan of the cold.

Mount Rushmore would be great to see!!

Okay, so ‘Must do’s in the World’… What about in your neck of the woods?


Well finally no more talk of banking backends and lots more talk of beer and food! I’m definitely taking this as redeeming myself.

How will the Xinja family continue on without you!? :scream:

Ah wow, I’ll do it at some point I’m sure… probably ones it’s stopped being cool :roll_eyes: I’d really like to go North East to Washington State, it looks beautiful and then over into Canada. Too many destinations, not enough time or money!!!

My neck of the woods… Have you been over this way? I currently live in the North East of England, Newcastle more specifically. There’s just so much to see I really don’t take advantage of any of it. Newcastle is a great little city, not too far from here you’ve got castles a-plenty, the Lake District just over an hour away on the west coast, we’re an hour away from Scotland, 1-2hrs from Edinburgh absolutely beautiful place. We have some awesome beaches and coastline… we’re just missing the weather. Although I’m currently sitting in the office along the riverside looking up river thinking it could be time to finish early and go enjoy the beer gardens while there’s still time.


ha ha ha I actually did want to tell you that you’d redeemed yourself in my first message… Although I do think talking about the back end of banking is just as interesting as you do. (Don’t tell anyone.)