NAB couldn’t transfer to XINJA

I opened an account no problems transferring $1k from NAB online but when I went to transfer my entire savings in branch at NAB it wasn’t possible as they stated NAB didn’t recognise xinja’s BSB but NAB do when using online banking? I’ve had to transfer my savings over 4 days using the Internet banking. Not happy with NAB , all good with Xinja other than having to log back in every 60sec on app but I know your onto this. Thanks Xinja


Hey @mra888 and welcome and thank you !!! See other thread on this - hoping this is explained by the APN - @xinjareader what’s the date on this and do you think this is the prob?

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Hi - and thanks @mra888 !!

We’ve seen a couple of instances of this - I suspect that from branches they sometimes try to make the payment via TT (Telegraphic Transfer - yes, that is as old as it sounds!) rather than the standard Direct Entry, which is why our BSB isn’t recognised (we haven’t built support for Telegraphic Transfer… this payment method for domestic payments should really be obsolete soon!)

When you transfer from online banking, it’ll use the standard Direct Entry rails, which will work fine - our BSB has now been in the industry for almost a year!

The AuspayNet issue is associated with our debit card BIN for card payments (rather than BSB, which is for account-to-account transfers). The BIN issue should be resolved by the end of Feb 2020 :crossed_fingers:

Thank you kindly for the reply , all good now I got the last of my money into my stash account.

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