Need an alternative to SMS verification codes

It’s awesome that there’s no fees on international transactions, but I think requiring an SMS code to transfer money outside the bank / perform certain functions will negate the feature. It’s pretty common for people to ditch their Aussie SIM card and get a pre-paid local one when travelling overseas. It would be awesome if Xinja could send the codes via WhatsApp, Signal, email or something else.


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Second this, also not everyone can have their phone on them all the tome. I work at a place that does not allow mobile phones, I work 10 hours a day and often do banking on my work pc, please let us use another alternative method. Also the email link thing to log on is horrible just use Face ID.

Hey @Goose - welcome! :ninja_emojis_pink_03: Sorry on the late response here - that’s a very fair point for our travelling customers and I myself can totally relate! Will share this on with the team and send through updates. Keep sending through the feedback :slight_smile:

@Camilly welcome! There’s bit a been of discussion on alt verification methods, we’re working on it - can’t say too much but I’ll keep you posted here :slight_smile: Appreciate the feedback

I actually would love an account but I live 3 hours out of mobile reception, this means I’ll have to go to town to set up an account and from there on if I want to do anything from a purchase to a money transfer I’ll have to drive to town. My current bank uses push notifications and i would love it if I could leave them in the dust and join Xinja.

@Smush can I ask how you access your current bank? Or perhaps more importantly, what would be your ideal way of accessing a bank!

Perhaps a standard approach like using HOTP or TOTP with apps like Authenticator? I assume that (behind the scenes) this is what the PIN that is texted to us is anyway…

Definitely the best approach. Please don’t use some bespoke system.
There are a lot of these apps already available. I use one built in to 1Password. Works great!

We are exploring various options of verification currently so all this feedback is super helpful, thank you all :clap::clap:

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