Negative Balance

Hi team

Did you know it was possible to get a negative balance? Just checked my app and noticed a negative balance. I have a bank transfer on the way to bring it back to positive but surprised it was possible given it’s a prepaid card.


Hi XinjaPat!

Thanks for reaching out! :smiley:

At times it is possible for your Xinja card to go into a negative balance. This can occur due to a transaction being processed offline and later manually pushed through by the merchant.

Quite often we see this when someone uses a vending machine, however that is not the only situation where a negative balance can occur. Transport companies, such as airlines, for example, will often take your card number, and not actually process the transaction until the plane has landed.

Feel free to give us a buzz on 1800 XINJAS, (1800 946 527), if you’d like to specifically discuss your Xinja account. Us Xinjarati are here to help in any way we can!

Thanks for getting onto it straight away and organising to bring that balance back up. Legend!


Peta :ninja_emojis_pink_03:

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Yeah it was from buying a coke so I was only handful of cents in the red. Opal card can also do that (on Opal card balance not Xinja related).

No concern for me, just wanted to make sure there wasn’t a flaw where we can make it rain money (which is great unless you’re a shareholder :P)

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This happened to me with a transaction from Uber, which had come through a few days later and it adjusted the balance to a negative balance. What did impress me though was that there was no fee for this :nerd_face:


That is impressive! Shit happens. I’d hate for my great new awesome super happy bank to chip me for it like all other majors do - before everyone chimes in about their bank doesn’t - ok ok not every bank does - I’m just saying, overdraft of 2c shouldn’t be a $5 fee.