New Stash Accounts

Hello Xinja,

I was just wondering when you plan on allowing customers to open up Stash Accounts again?

I completely understand the reasons why you stopped new accounts from being open and it was good to see a company showing some loyalty to their existing customer base. However, I would’ve thought that customers would’ve been allowed to open new Stash Accounts shortly after the interest rate dropped.

As I’m sure you can understand I don’t really want to put money in a non interest bearing account, even if the rates aren’t very good at the moment. Therefore I’m not really able to try out Xinja to the level I’d want to see if I’d like to keep the account.

Can you please provide an update on this?

Thanks in advance for your response.

Hi @Dave86 and welcome! :wave:

Thank you for your understanding with our decision to pause Stash account openings and initially maintain the interest rate.

We’re aiming to re-open our Stash accounts sometime between now and September. If you’d like, you can keep an eye on this ETA by checking out our roadmap here:

We’re excited to have this account option available for our customers again in the near future, however we just need to make sure we’ve got all our ducks in a row first! We were overwhelmed by the response we received when we first released our Stash accounts (hence partially the need for the pause).

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to give us a shout :blush:

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Thank you for responding and for welcoming me.

I’ll add the link to my bookmarks to keep up to date with the latest developments at Xinja.

I understand that it’s probably the best business decision for you at this time and other things may need to line up for you to offer this again. This would especially be the case in the unprecedented times we’re in at the moment.

Thanks again.



There is a whole Q and A section on the Xinja site “why can’t I open a stash account” but you won’t find any sensible answers there.