Notification when funds are received

I can’t find any option to be notified when funds are received into my Bank or Stash accounts from an external source.
Is there any way to do this ?
If not, I’d suggest it would be very useful !


Hi there
I was about to ask exactly the same question. I’ve enabled Push Notification in the app and made sure notifications are enabled for the app in settings on my iPhone.
This morning I transferred funds to my Stash account. Funds are there but no notification?


It would also be good to have a notification come through every time money is spent on the account or at least be given the option to enable it. That way I am always aware of bills etc or anything moving funds out of my account.


Hey @TommyW, @wasdman and :partying_face: welcome to the community @Conmore!! :partying_face:

The short answer is we don’t have spend/deposit notifications currently, the slightly longer answer is spend notifications are targeted for release towards the middle of the year (you can track it on the roadmap :world_map:

But whether this will be all notifications you’ve described I don’t know just yet, but trust me, we hear you and it’s being considered


Agree! Notifications would be great (especially to track when your money is coming in and going out) :ninja_emojis_blue_01: :ninja_emojis_blue_01: