Osko payments and payid

is there any infroamtion about pay id and oskopayments???


I’m keen to know too. Just tested payment to my account from Westpac, and it didn’t go via NPP.

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Hi @jasonferguson - good to see you again - and @Letterboxfrog - we don’t have NPP / Payid or Osko payments yet but it’s on the list. We’re going to be updating the roadmap shortly and I’ll comment back in this thread when we’ve got a time - but it’s not going to be immediate.


Just opened my new account. Solid on boarding process.

Completely agree that Osko/NPP need to be prioritised.

I feel that if people aren’t able to use their account quickly, then they will lose interest and forget that they even opened an account.

Multi-day transfers just doesn’t work for most people these days.


Agreed, the basics need to be a priority (which for the most part they are apart from Osko and PayID) Once the basics work, then add the additional features that will make moving a truly compelling argument. I have faith they’ll get there.

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I made test transfers earlier today to ING, CUA, and Ubank accounts and all are through already. I’ll be hanging out for instant but pretty happy with same day for now.

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Hey @Azzy - we are looking at PayID/Osko/NPP as core priority. We’re reviewing all customer priorities at the moment and will be updating the roadmap as a result - I’ll start another thread on Roadmap as soon as we do. Many thanks! Cam

Xinja users are early adopters of new things. NPP is a new thing, so we are all keen on bleeding edge (Surely SAP would have this out of the box for you)

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Agreed. I am hoping to dump my UBank account ASAP but can’t until I can bpay into my nab credit card. I realise Xinja is discouraging credit cards but for travel, flights, car rental they’re an essential.

@Ddraig agreed. While not offering a credit card is admirable, the reality is that for some people they are a valuable tool, and not necessarily a trap.

I’m not sure a policy that encourages customers to procure one elsewhere is a great idea either. Other banks are far advanced than the Xinja offering so we shouldn’t be giving people a reason to remain a customer with them.