Osko payments for Xinja?

Is there any plan to implement Osko payments in Xinja accounts?

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According to the Xinja Roadmap it’s slated for Quarters 3-4 (April to June) of 2020
you can register and vote for Osko Payments to possibly help move it
up the list.

Link :

And late last year they asked about having Xinja customising payID’s to make it easier if people had other PayID’s already registered at other banks. Sorry I couldnt find that discussion again, but consensus among those that commented wanted the xinja id’s with flexibility of naming conventions.

Hope that was helpful :slight_smile:


Oh, thanks for the heads up. I’m new to Xinja so didn’t know about the Trello roadmap. Really cool for a bank to support voting on stuff like this.

It’s not an urgent feature, just useful as I’m still using another bank for spending and my agency’s accounts so instant payments would be a huge plus. What got me to Xinja was the high-interest savings account without any stringent requirements, and it’ll probably be a little while before it fully replaces my day-to-day banking.

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Anytime Limack,

I’m new as well I only signed up bout week ago and only discovered the community today hehe, So was reading up to see when things are happening,

I believe OskoPay (PayID) is important or else it took 1 day to transfer money from my other NeoBank ( 86400 bank ) Account, 86400 bank already have ability to to recieve Osko Payments.

But also unlike traditional banks they have no branches so any Neobank needs to implement OskoPay at minimum & possibly sign up to BankPost (enables you to withdraw/deposit at Australia Post shops) .

My main plan with NeoBanks is to use them as part savings & daily spend accounts. and best thing is neither 86400 or Xinja charge fees eg.monthly or no balance ect,

This article was main reason I started opening accounts with Xinja & 86400 I wanted to try save but not feel restrictive as I get paid monthly.

But Osko pay on xinja will be coming soon, which makes depositing easier and instant

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I joined Xinja a while ago but I’m not using it yet!
Using Up Bank and 86400 instead because they already offer Oskoinstant payments.
It’s 2020, no excuses, this feature should be there already, especially for an Neo/online_only bank!
Very disappointed also to learn that you even pushed back this feature request… now it’s due for July-September, it doesn’t make any sense :frowning:


Totally agree Dany

Yes I find it rather odd too NPP (Receiving Instant Payment) should’ve been the minimum enabling instant payment from other banks, like what 86400 has done,

What I do find interesting is we are often told about how much investment money they’ve raised but one has to ask where when the basics of account in 2020 like OskoPay keeps getting pushed back,

Anyway I’ll stick with the others for now, maybe in 6 months it will have a drastic change & better UI.