Overseas payments


Hey there,

I’m wondering if it’s on the roadmap to show the exchange rate before you make a purchase overseas? I know that we are charged the spot rate when the transaction is processed rather when the purchase is made.

Personally I’d prefer to have an indication of that day’s rate and then it can be finalised / updated when processed. Monzo in the UK does this.

It also helps me understand how the rate compares to other options eg cash / PayPal / Monzo etc


Thanks for your suggestion @Mel! :+1: I’ve passed this feedback onto our product team.

We are considering this feature within our bank accounts roadmap (pending receiving our full banking license. We are hoping to get our full licence mid 2019, but it is subject to regulatory approval, from APRA.)



This would be a great feature @Mel!

Being able to know exactly what is going out the door before committing to the sale without all the guess work (by adding a couple of dollars here and there) or jumping in and out of currency conversation apps / sites in order figure out if it is worth the money would be fab.