PayId and Osko are badly needed

I’ve joined Xinja and was surprised that Osko/PayId wasn’t part of your initial system release. Getting money in and out of accounts quickly is pretty basic these days and even the cumbersome old banks do it.
If Xinja is to be taken seriously I thing you should look at ING Direct to see what you need to provide. If they didn’t pay such bad interest rates I would have stayed with them - they cover all bases with Mobile and Internet Banking.


Hi and welcome to the Xinja Community @TommyW :tada: They’re both being realised very soon, you can keep up with their progress and our future plans :rocket: (and even vote on your priorities) on our roadmap

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I joined Xinja a while ago but I’m not using it yet!
Using Up Bank and 86400 instead because they already offer Oskoinstant payments.
It’s 2020, no excuses, this feature should be there already, especially for an Neo/online_only bank!
Very disappointed also to learn that you even pushed back this feature request… now it’s due for July-September, it doesn’t make any sense

Hi @Dany we hear you .NPP is a very big project. It involves multiple 3rd parties and is a big piece of kit. Up and 86400 obviously can move a lot faster as they are using existing banking infrastructure (Bendigo Banks and Cuscal’s respectively) and so there’s stuff they don’t need to build. The problem with being an independent (as opposed to new digital channel attached to an existing) is we’re building everything from scratch so it takes a long time and our resources are spread really thin. There are benefits of being independent too, but I understand your impatience. We are actually working fast although it might not seem it…to give you an example, we did (according to Mastercard) the fastest deployment of apple pay & google pay they’d ever seen (13 weeks - was rumoured to take one of the big 4 18 months) but your frustration is you want it now so even if we are moving relatively quickly, that doesn’t solve your problem! Can I suggest you try us when NPP comes online or when there’s something else you see you’d like to test out? NPP is the most requested feature of our customers, and we are getting it done as soon as is humanly possible within above constraints.

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Thanks for the beautifully and detailed answer!
That should have written before. Good to know how much you’re achieving in such a short time frame, I’ll make sure to support you as much as I can.

Either way it’s nice that you provide community support and a communication board (this is an effort in the right direction, provides lots of confidence and more)!

Also, dumb me! I think the “instant top up” features offers a nice work around for quickly transferring money into our account, so not too bad.

I’ll be patient then :slight_smile:
Thank you guys

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@CaptainXinja I’ve started playing around with my new Hay prepaid card. They have NPP, enriched merchant data with logos, transaction search, basic insights amongst other features. The UX in their app is also very clean and easy to use.

Obviously they’re still a prepaid account on a restricted license. They have a lot to do before they’re a bank, but to the keen observer they’ve got a much better footing to work from to what Xinja had at launch.

Are they also using someone else’s infrastructure? If so, it’s allowed them to get features out to market much faster. Is there a reason that’s a bad thing?

Not trying to sound smug or devalue the work your team are doing, but it’s becoming clear that Xinja has lost a lot of the traction they started with and are being beaten to market on pretty much every feature customers want.

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I think the “we are are taking longer because we are Independant“ line is wearing thin. For real-time payments/Osko 86400 and Up/Bendigo both use Cuscal. Nothing sinister in that given Payments is Cuscal’s core business . If you haven’t spoken to them maybe you should. They provide this service to something like a 100 banks. As Indue does the same - Indue was Xinja’s equivalent of Cuscal ?..and now I understand you use ASL who is another payments company. so you have the exact same access to NPP as any bank new or old.

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Hi @anon42385786. Yes, we’re using ASL and they don’t have NPP yet -so we don’t have the same access yet - but we are working with them and going live on their roll out. Up uses Bendigo’s payment rails (which as you say) is Cuscal. We decided not to use Cuscal for competitive reasons because of 86400. Indue hadn’t rolled out NPP when we were working with them.

It’s very interesting that ASL’s own website talks very specifically about them having NPP already:

Also interesting that many of their member banks are already offering NPP via PayID and Osko to their customers.

aha aha aha :astonished:

Hi @CaptainXinja I think you’ll find that Indue had rolled out NPP. Possible that Xinja just weren’t considered as a wave 1 participant? I worked on the industry project and to ensure a ‘level playing field’ providers of NPP services launched together i.e. all wave 1 participants which included some of the majors, launched the same day. Indue were a big player in wave 1 and launched on day 1 with several financial institutions.

I use NPP for several other banks so there’s little impact on my banking however i can see that a level of frustration is creeping in for those using Xinja because it appears that you’re being left behind. Anyway i do hope the timeline isnt shifted out further and we can see this service released soon.

So in the end NPP is not really any harder for Xinja because you are ‘independant’

Hi @brett yes you are right - my bad. Someone told me that ASL weren’t live and I wrote that before I fact checked - so apologies for misinforming you. The fact that we haven’t completed NPP yet is - as we’ve said - because it is a big project and does require some alignment, but mainly lack of resource. We will accelerate in all areas once we have more funds, but currently we are having to juggle resource across 3 major projects, NPP being one. We hope to pick up the pace from July when we start to bring in new teams.

Hi @anon42385786 it is harder for an independant because their resources are stretched thinner - it’s a resource issue. We are having to build revenue generating products to follow our business plan. These have long lead times and mean we have very skinny resource right now to improve the bank account AND get these products live. Building lending, for example, is non trivial. So there is less resource devoted to the bank account for now and NPP is competing with 2 other larger projects. That said, it doesn’t mean we won’t do all the things we intend to on the bank account, it just means they re not happening at the speed you some other customers would like, but it is a business reality. We are looking forward to resourcing up in July and being able to pick up the pace thereafter.