PayID options and account top up

It would be good to add an option to pay anyone via app and by able to top up account via PayID


Hi Aderen,

Many of us agree - we all want instant payments.

The Xinja team has a roadmap you can view here.

It states PayID is intended to roll out Apr to Jun 2020.


Hi @Aderen and WELCOME! :ninja_emojis_pink_03: You can pay anyone currently (just tap on ‘transfer’) but this is the old school bsb account number route. There are lots of requests for PayID as @Jax has pointed out so we’re on it…just trying to work out whether that or BPAY goes first…

Well now that you’ve put the animated Xinja in there, we’d better get on with it! :_ninja_emojis_lilac_01:

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