PayId / Osko is a deal breaker

I use this feature everyday so it’s a must for me or I can’t bank with you.

Gone are the days of waiting 3-5 days for money to transfer so we need this urgently.


Hi @Scottieaf yes we are working on the timeline for this currently. It’s a question of priorities as we roll out the beta - collating requests from customers as we go - you are not alone in this being a top priority.

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Thank you. I’m not having a go a Xinga I’m just trying to decide who is right for my needs
I have my card so I will hang on to it and see how things go when you roll out more features. Thank you for your replies I appreciate it


PayId / Osko isn’t a deal breaker for me at the moment, but it would be if it’s not rolled out eventually, so I wanted to let you know here that it’s the feature I’d most like to see released next too.


HI @Cameron and welcome :ninja_emojis_pink_03: You are not alone…we are looking at the product roadmap now and when this will get prioritised…so watch out for updates on this. We’ll comment again here as soon as we’ve got an update.

Hi Cam @CaptainXinja,

What’s going on with the new roadmap? You’ve been saying it’s coming for weeks and things seem to be moving at snails pace right now. Far from the ‘matter of weeks’ between releases that was promised. We’re now a couple of months in and release two still isn’t here. Not a complaint, just an observation. I think you need to try and be a little more transparent. If there are major delays, then would be good to know as I’m losing interest very quickly. Cheers, Brett

I’ve list interest and signed with UP. Happy days so far


Hi @brett We started rolling out the account on 9th September to the waitlist. We’ve done 7 minor releases in all so more than once every 2 weeks. In those we’ve added google pay (we also did apple pay), lock your card, instant top up and save payees alongside bug fixes and UX enhancements. We’re launching Stash (savings account) in a couple of weeks. There are no major delays. We are redesigning and doing UX changes as we go. Did we launch early to beta test? Absolutely. We are getting feedback and priorities from the beta testers that we’re feeding in. That’s why it’s waitlist only. Building a bank completely from scratch (including core banking, payments and the licence) means there are definitely players out there who launched with a more mature product because they weren’t doing all these things and could focus $ elsewhere. We have updated the roadmap to reflect what’s been done. We are discussing internally timings about some major pieces - like NPP/PayID - and so I’ve stopped updating the roadmap till we’re agreed on those timings. And we’ll start putting timeframes on the roadmap. I will update the roadmap soon (in the next week or so) but I want to have more firm information before I do. What else would you like to know?


Hi Cam,

Thanks for the reply.

There isn’t anything specific I need to know. I was just making an observation of something that is becoming quite clear to me and pointing it out.

When the account was launched it was stated by Xinja on this forum that the ‘releases’ in the roadmap were expected every couple of weeks. That isn’t happening. It’s been over 2 months since launch and release 2 still isn’t complete, let alone release 3. Yes, you’ve released minor features, but not the full releases that were promised.

You’ve also been saying for at least the last month that you are a ‘week’ away from getting through the waitlist, yet people are still waiting.

You have stated for the past few weeks that the roadmap was being updated. That also hasn’t happened.

You can see the pattern here. Over promise, under deliver. I understand you don’t owe me anything, although as an investor I’m disappointed that this is the way things are progressing. My wish is that you are able to deliver what you say, when you say, or simply don’t say it at all. That’s the transparency i think we’d all like to see.

The danger is that Xinja loses the trust of the user base. I’ve already started losing interest, and the lack of activity on this forum indicates I’m not the only one.



Thanks Brett. We did say we’d do regular releases and we have. As to ‘major’ or ‘minor’ releases - we consider some of these major like the addition Apple Pay and Google Pay. I can’t find reference to the ‘full releases’ you mention however I think that your assumption was understandably that the ‘1,2,3’ in the roadmap were the biweekly releases - these are too large for 2 weeks and we should have made it clear that we were doing things incrementally an ongoing in smaller releases. As you say, we’re part way thru release 2 as per the roadmap. We were a week away from ending the waitlist - however the reason we had a waitlist was to be able to slow down if we needed to. We decided we wanted to make some improvements to internal processes so yes we have delayed further. We have updated the roadmap - not often and that is largely because there is no point in updating it unless we are certain of a change. We are aiming to be transparent, but really mindful that in your case your expectations haven’t been met. Just to try and manage them further, we will be doing ongoing releases roughly every 2 weeks. The only new major feature currently scheduled before Xmas will be Stash, the savings account. We’ll update the roadmap as soon as we’ve agreed more details but at the moment I don’t know when that will be. Of the approx 30,000 in our original waitlist, we’ve got about 6,000 we haven’t yet invited, although that is growing. We’re aiming to send those invitations imminently but again, I don’t want to guarantee that to you as I won’t have full visibility till early next week.


Hi Xinja warriors,

I am really loving this platform, however NPP/Osko unavailability is preventing me from using my accounts. About to head off to a new employer and wishing to transfer my NPP assets over to your team.

I understand that all good things take time on the digital banking space (dealing with peoples money can be tricky) however is there more of a definite update or date this will launch?

Your xinja warrior in banking


here’s an interesting follow-up !
Thanks Xinja :slight_smile:

No problem @Dany! Welcome to the Xinja Community btw :partying_face:

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