Payment system down

Hi, I notice debit card is not working, and the phone app can’t contact your servers.
Any Idea when this will be fixed ?


I am not having issues with my connection through the app.

But, you bringing this up is a good reminder.

Xinja staff person - can a system status page be added to the to-do list?

My be working for you, but I just tried again to sign in the account/app, using the web link
they send you via email… and the app says, “Something went wrong Your request cannot be processed at this time” Oh yes, I did it all from the cell phone.


Oh, that sounds like a separate thing that happens connected to the signing up process.

It happened to me and I am sure others.

Make contact with the help desk place and they’ll fix you up.

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Hi @laudas! Thanks for letting us know about the issues you’re having with your app sign in. We’re not aware of any system outages at the moment.

As a general troubleshoot - if you’re receiving an error after following the email verification sign in process, this typically occurs when an old or expired linked is selected. Please try removing any email verification links that are currently in your email inbox from Xinja - head back to the app and try this sign in once more, selecting the latest and only link that lands in your inbox.

With your debit card - make sure to select the ‘credit’ account option for any chip purchases, and to activate PayPass - you’ll just need to insert the card, select credit and enter your PIN for your first purchase. PayPass will work as normal after this!

If these issues have persisted - if you haven’t done so already, please get in touch with our support team via one of the following secure channels:

  • Live in-app chat (top right hand corner of the main page of your Xinja app, this one is easiest!)
  • Over the phone on 1800 946 527

Our operating hours are Monday to Friday, 8 am-8 pm, Sydney time.

From there, one of Xinjarati Support agents will take your details and take a closer look into your account, and what might be occurring here.

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